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Two Belgians misbehave at the Christmas market in the Dutch Koewacht

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The Dutch police arrested three men who misbehaved on Friday evening at the Christmas market in the Zeeland village of Koewacht, near the border with Belgium. Two of them are Belgians, the police reported on Saturday.

It has “unfortunately led to quite a bit of consternation among the pleasant stalls”, according to the Dutch police. The three spent a night in jail and were interrogated on Saturday.

Two of them are from Belgium (33 and 28 years old), the third is from Koewacht itself (39). The police came to the place where the market was, Kerkplein, on Friday around 10 p.m. after a report of men misbehaving there. Officers who went there were then annoyingly approached by the two Belgians, who also resisted when officers tried to grab them. Visitors to the Christmas market helped officers arrest the pair.

Because they continued to resist, more police officers came to the market and the man from Koewacht was also arrested because he continued to interfere with the arrest of the other two despite warnings.

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