Home News Two cars and a van on fire The fire touches the building

Two cars and a van on fire The fire touches the building

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Two cars and a van on fire The fire touches the building

Firefighters and police exclude the malicious trail. The motors of the air conditioners are also on fire


It all started with a rented Smart, parked in a courtyard in via Torino, near the San Grato district, right next to the Rabel brewery. And then the flames broke out, involving the Lancia Y and the nearby van, until it touched the building, burning the cables and even the motors of the air conditioners installed outside.

It was 7 pm on Wednesday 20 July and the degrees Celsius in the air were still above thirty. For this reason, a large crowd was not attracted outside, even though it was the residents, frightened by the flames that now threatened the houses, who called the Ivrea firefighters. Coming in strength, they managed to put out the fire before it caused injuries or intoxications. The good news is that no one has had to resort to 118’s treatment.

Although it is at least unusual for a car to catch fire on its own, unless there are specific problems, the firefighters currently rule out the malicious trail. The agents of the Ivrea and Banchette police stations, led by the deputy commissioner Clemente Palopoli, also carried out checks on the spot the day after the fire. If only to check if the owner of the car was the victim of previous threats. At the moment, however, the fraudulent trail is also excluded from the police station. The prosecutor of Ivrea, on the other hand, awaits any reports and reports.

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It is not the first episode of its kind to happen in the city. On the night of May 21-22, four cars, a van and a bicycle, went up in flames in the night.

This time, however, it was clear from the start that the fire was of an arson nature, started in two different places. The police followed the trail of retaliation by a person well known to the victim.

In this case, even the time when the fire was started leads to the exclusion of the malicious origin. It was in fact 7 in the afternoon, a time when people are returning home or are already in their homes, but the road is busy. –

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