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Two groups of tourists are fighting for position in Universal Studios? Police: Detained! | Daily Economic News

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Recently, a video of “two groups of people fighting in Universal Studios” attracted the attention of netizens.

Video source: Beijing Daily Client

In response, the Tongzhou Branch of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau announced on October 2 that Beijing Universal Resort had officially opened for operation on September 20. Tourists from all over the world came to visit. Popular projects in the park often need to wait in line. “Small frictions” are unavoidable, but conflicts and disputes should be resolved rationally. Trivial matters will be punished by law.

At about 18:00 on September 30, Tongzhou Public Security Bureau received a report and handled such a police situation.Liu Momo (male, 34 years old) and his family watched the performance of “Float Parade” with Zhao Moyan (female, 49 years old)Physical conflicts caused by quarrels due to seizing the “viewing position” problem. After work,4 persons involved, including Liu Momo and Zhao Moyan, have been administratively detained by Tongzhou Public Security Bureau according to law

Police reminder: The National Day holiday is a good time for family reunion and relaxation. You must queue up and visit the park in an orderly manner during the tour of the Universal Resort. If disputes occur, you can seek help from the staff, or you can call the police to report the situation. Arrive at the scene at a time for disposal. In addition, there are police stations near the HUB traffic security check area of ​​Beijing Universal Resort and the Universal Hotel, which can mediate disputes and provide consulting services for tourists. It’s expensive to go out and play. You need to be calm when you encounter disputes. If you have something to say, don’t be impulsive.

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Article source: Beijing Daily Client

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