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Two other young people were murdered in Quibdó

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On February 25, two other young people were murdered in Quibdó. The double homicide occurred in the Kennedy neighborhood and the young people responded to the names of Hamilton, known as ‘Cris Plata’, and Klider.

According to official statistics, so far in 2024, 21 people have been murdered in Quibdó.

The mayor of Quibdó, Rafael Bolaños Pino, expressed his concern about the increase in homicides in the capital of Choco so far in 2024, indicating that to date there has been an increase in this type of crime, compared to what is had reported for this same moment, in 2023.

He emphasized the need for the national government to strengthen the presence of the police with a special district for the capital of Chocó. “There is a situation of despair among citizens regarding security,” he stated.

In addition to the increase in homicides, the number of robberies has increased. In broad daylight, armed robberies have occurred in Alameda Reyes, in the heart of Quibdó. It is reported that some of the murders have to do with confrontation between criminal gangs.

Delegates from the national government speak of an “absolutely positive balance,” but everything indicates that there are no encouraging results in the so-called “socio-legal dialogue table for total peace with the Quibdó gangs.”

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