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Two women tried to transport marijuana by bus to Yopal – news

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Two women tried to transport marijuana by bus to Yopal – news

Repudiation, indignation, rage and impotence has generated on social networks the situation registered this Sunday, January 29, 2023 around noon in Yopal, where a young woman was murdered with four shots from a firearm, by a man who, apparently , besieged and harassed her for some time. The man, seeing himself surrounded in his place of residence by the authorities, and after firing a few shots at the uniformed officers, would have made the decision to take his life.

The events occurred in a commercial establishment that sells footwear located in the heart of Yopal, Carrera 20 between Calles 9 and 10, where the young woman identified as Laura Camila Dueñas Cuevas, 22, had been working for some time. A man identified as Edilberto Espinosa, 55, who according to those close to Laura Camila, had been besieging and harassing her for some time, arrived at the site in the morning hours.

The man was in the warehouse, spoke with someone who was there and left the business establishment. Then, he took advantage of the fact that the owner of the establishment was absent for a moment, leaving the young woman alone, returned and shot her four times with a 38-caliber revolver that she owned, killing her immediately.

The man fled on his motorcycle to take refuge in his place of residence at Carrera 31 with Calle 30 in Yopal, but the authorities were alerted and followed up to the place, where they tried to persuade him to turn himself in and answer for his actions. . Espinoza fired at the uniformed officers, and then would have made the decision to end his life.

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Although the authorities point out that Camila’s crime had a motive of passion, relatives and close friends of the young woman have clarified that the young woman’s rejection of Espinosa’s proposals would have caused her obsession, to this unfortunate point.

The used revolver, ammunition, and also a traumatic weapon were found at Espinosa’s place of residence.

Source: news – HOLA Casanare

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