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U.S. officials accuse China of supporting Russia’s arms expansion

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U.S. officials have accused China of aiding Russia in expanding its arms capabilities, particularly during the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. According to senior U.S. officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity, China has been providing drone and missile technology to Russia, as well as sharing satellite imagery with the Kremlin.

The accusations come as German Chancellor Scholz visits Beijing, with the United States urging European countries to exert pressure on China. The U.S. hopes that by highlighting China’s support for Russia, it will encourage European nations to take a stand against China’s actions.

Reports suggest that China’s assistance to Russia has been crucial in bolstering the Russian military during the conflict in Ukraine. U.S. intelligence agencies have disclosed data showing a significant increase in sales of specific items from China to Russia, including drones, turbojet engines, machine tools, microelectronics, and optical components used in the production of weapons.

China has vehemently denied the accusations, with the Chinese Embassy in the United States stating that China is not responsible for the crisis in Ukraine and urging the U.S. not to interfere in its trade relations with Russia. However, U.S. officials maintain that China’s support has been vital in enhancing Russia’s military capabilities, posing a threat to Europe as a whole.

The allegations also include claims that China has assisted Russia in providing imagery for its military operations in Ukraine, as well as supplying nitrocellulose, a key ingredient in weapon propellants. The extent of China’s involvement in Russia’s military expansion has raised concerns among U.S. officials, who are calling for international pressure to be placed on China.

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As tensions between Russia and Ukraine continue to escalate, the role of external actors like China in supporting Russia’s military efforts has come under scrutiny. The United States, along with its European allies, are closely monitoring the situation and working to address China’s alleged involvement in Russia’s arms expansion.

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