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UBPD presented digital list of missing people to promote the search

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UBPD presented digital list of missing people to promote the search

The Search Unit for Persons Reported Missing (UBPD) presented a digital list with the names and surnames of missing persons, with the purpose of contributing to said process.

This technological tool will be at the service of families, organizations and searchers, who will be able to access the complete list that is available on the UBPD page.

Gabriel Burbano, director of participation, contact with victims and differential approaches, assured that the availability of this information becomes an exercise in memory and reparation.

“The Search Unit for Missing Persons publishes the names and surnames of the people we are looking for, and it is important that, as a society, we come together to consult this database because we surely know them. We want to leave the message that we are looking for them as an exercise in memory and co-responsibility,” said Gabriel Burbano.

The official also highlighted that, if any family member, searcher or organization does not want the name of the person considered missing to appear published, they can inform it through the different care channels.

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The data was collected by the UBPD after reviewing and receiving information from different sources, such as judicial and administrative entities of the Colombian State, Military Forces, civil organizations, academic institutions, contributors, groups, family members and searchers, among others.

This list is powered by information from the uuniverse of people given by missing, a registry prepared by the UBPD from various data sources. This registry is constantly verifying and contrasting the data. If you detect any inconsistency or if you have new information, you can request the request via email [email protected]where it will be processed.


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