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Udine, no to the crematorium: the protest in Paderno starts again

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The chairman of the committee, Aristei: we want to be heard in the committee. Govetto: no to “manipulated” requests. Honsell: Nonsense to make it here

The committee set up to oppose the construction of a crematorium temple in the Paderno cemetery has returned to make itself heard. He organized a flash mob to retrace a battle that has lasted for two years now, with various interruptions caused by the coronavirus emergency in between.

About twenty people gathered behind the banner “Yes to the life of the territory. No to the crematorium ”, under the guidance of Sandra Aristei. Together with them also a dozen exponents of the center in the Municipality and in the Region. «We are here to reiterate that we have not disappeared, but that our desire to fight has remained intact – began Aristei -. We denounce the lack of dialogue with this administration. The town of Paderno, more and more often, is considered the city’s dustbin. The problems are many, and they do not only concern the cemetery plant, there is the recovery of the former Bertoli, the construction of the new logistics point of Amazon, the critical points of the road network and, lastly, the expansion of the ecopiazzola. of via Rizzolo ». Aristei also announced that the committee has a statute, becoming a legal entity in all respects: «We were denied a hearing in the committee because we were not an officially recognized reality. Now we are and we expect to be heard ».

And the opportunity could come soon, given that the municipal councilor Simona Liguori proposed to the colleagues who arrived in Paderno (Alessandro Venanzi, Cinzia Del Torre, Enrico Bertossi, Federico Pirone and Domenico Liano) to request the convening of a commission dedicated precisely to the topic of the new crematorium. The process is currently stopped, after three offers have arrived in the Municipality at the end of the tender.

Precisely the massive presence of the opposition members (there were also the regional councilors Furio Honsell and Mariagrazia Santoro), made the president of the Environment Commission, Giovanni Govetto, turn up his nose: “I remember that the mayor Pietro Fontanini, in January, was made available to meet the online committee, but its members, at the last, preferred to decline the invitation. I reiterate the availability of this administration to listen to the citizens of Paderno, with the hope that it is not a request “manipulated” by the opposition, given the large presence at the sit-in ». In saying this, Govetto stigmatized the behavior of those councilors who abandoned the Territory and Environment commission to take part in the garrison: “Citizens represent themselves in the places appointed to do so”, closed the forerunner.

Returning to the demonstration in front of the cemetery, the former mayor Honsell commented: “Wanting to move the plant to Paderno was foolish and with the delay accumulated, after the construction of the structures of Gemona and Cervignano, it no longer makes sense”. Santoro also criticizes: “This junta continues to operate more guided by chance than by strategy, lacking in reasonableness”. For Bertossi “the crematorium temple in Paderno is not only harmful but even useless”. And if for Venanzi the mayor’s strategy is “to ignore the problems while waiting for them to resolve themselves”, Pirone asks the administration “to block the process”.

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