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Ukraine: Cosulich, diplomacy at work due to ship blocked

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Ukraine: Cosulich, diplomacy at work due to ship blocked

The group estimates in the worst case 20 million in damages

(ANSA) – GENOA, 17 JUN – “We are negotiating with the republic of Donetsk to try to take away our ship, unfortunately there is a further technical problem, that of a crane that has been bombed and which is in the middle of the channel that the ship should cross. In addition, dredging should be carried out but I am optimistic, diplomacy between us and them is underway, we talk to each other, and this is already a positive thing “. Try to see the glass half full Augusto Cosulich, CEO of the Cosulich group on the case of the Tzarevna, a bulk carrier ship flying the Maltese flag and owned by the Vulcania company, controlled by Fratelli Cosulich, whose position has been frozen since the beginning of the war in Ukraine in the port of Mariupol with a load of slabs, a semi-finished steel product, destined for Italy.

“As is known, the crew is in good health, indeed we have gathered them up while waiting to leave and we hope that this will happen as soon as possible”, adds Cosulich. “But I remember that this story is nothing important, it’s just money, compared to really tragic things like the fact that this war doesn’t seem to have an end and that people keep dying, as far as our ship is concerned, month after month. less, sooner or later we free it “.

The CEO of the Cosulich group also explains that the company has made an estimate of the damage: “The worst scenario is to lose cargo and ship, or damage estimated at about 20 million, from there it can only be improved, we hope not to lose the cargo, that they do not steal it from us, and that they do not take the ship away from us but then we are entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs have moments of darkness and good ones, but we are not the types that give up “, he concludes. (HANDLE).

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