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Ukraine, the ambassador to Italy: Draghi is an important mediator, weapons are needed to end the war

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Ukraine, the ambassador to Italy: Draghi is an important mediator, weapons are needed to end the war

A date that changed the world, raining like a boulder on everyone’s shoulders. On February 24, the day that marked the start of the military operation promoted by the Russian Federation against Ukraine and its territory, he wrote a new chapter in contemporary history. Not only the people of Ukraine, but the entire international community had to come to terms with what happened. Today, when the calendar marks the inexorable 78 days of war, all that remains is to think on a double channel, if we want to put an end to hostilities as soon as possible: on the one hand, to support the government of Kyiv, even by sending heavy weapons, as an attacked and not an aggressor country; and on the other hand continue to focus on diplomacy.

This is one of the (many) messages launched by Yaroslav Melnyk, Ambassador of Ukraine to Italy, on the occasion of a meeting organized by teacher Giangiacomo Calovini with the students of the Political Management course of the 24ore Business School. And if this is the scenario, the Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi can play a “very important role” in the mediation process to reach the end of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, considering “its Euro-Atlantic profile and its defense of democratic values and Europeans “. And then there is another “guest of stone”: «The role of China is fundamental. Beijing must decide whether to promote substantial diplomatic mediation or to remain super partes “.

“We trust that our European and global allies will help us rebuild the country”

But there is also another aspect that must be considered, simultaneously and in parallel with that of the strategies to put an end to hostilities. And it is that of the reconstruction of Ukraine, the granary of Europe, in the conviction, as already happened after the ruins of the Second World War and the subsequent economic boom that, once this “enormous tragedy of our history is over, at every war they make following possibility in terms of reconstruction, possibility of development. Naturally – continued the ambassador – with the start of the war the pace of development of the country changed in various sectors. Our economy is losing ground. It is difficult to predict the impact it will have on GDP. We very much hope to collaborate with our European and global allies. We trust that they will help us to rebuild the country ».

Between the Marshall Plan model and a focus on some strategic regions

On the occasion of his recent trip to the US, the head of the Italian government Mario Draghi proposed to US President Joe Biden a support plan for Ukraine, modeled on the “Marshall Plan”. «The modalities to guarantee a development after the conflict can be different, obviously also a“ Marshall Plan ”model. President Zelensky – the diplomat recalled – has already said that the hope is that the approach of Western countries focuses on certain regions or sectors of our economy. For example, Great Britain has announced that it intends to concentrate its support in the Kyiv region, which from this point of view becomes the nerve center for an innovation-oriented reconstruction. Denmark chose the city of Mykolaiv, the Baltics the Zhytomyr region. We are slowly preparing for this Ukrainian innovation process. We do not yet know how much it will take, in terms of financial resources, to rebuild. It’s too early. The conflict must first cease. “

“We await EU candidate status”

If in recent years Ukraine has looked to Europe, now, after the Russian aggression, the commonality of values ​​is, if possible, even stronger. «Already in 2014, with the operation in the Donbass, an association agreement between Ukraine and the EU was promoted. The Ukrainian people have chosen to join the European Union – highlighted the ambassador -. After February 24, the willingness to join has grown further. Now over 90% of the Ukrainian people support this solution. This is our choice. We have shown that we feel European, and that we deserve to be members of the EU. We are defending the same values. We need to ask politicians to do what people want, and people, both in Ukraine and in EU countries, want Kyiv to join the European family. There will be a European Council summit in June. It will be decided whether to recognize Ukraine the position of candidate for the European Union. The wait for that moment is great: we are confident that this will happen. All leaders declare that Ukraine is part of the peoples of Europe. At this point we need a step in that direction. This does not mean that, once Ukraine has obtained candidate status, it will become an EU member the next day. We have to do our “homework” to continue in the direction of this process. We need a political signal from Europe ».

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