Home News Ukrainian engineer refugee in Conegliano. «But my ‘savior’ wanted something else». Escape to Kiev

Ukrainian engineer refugee in Conegliano. «But my ‘savior’ wanted something else». Escape to Kiev

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Ukrainian engineer refugee in Conegliano.  «But my ‘savior’ wanted something else».  Escape to Kiev

CONEGLIANO. She felt oppressed by what must have been her savior, a man who had offered her an escape from war. In the end, she and her son were saved by the carabinieri, to whom she turned for help, feeling the victim of persecution by a professional from Conegliano.

“Thanks to the support of the carabinieri, the oppressive modalities have ceased,” explains a 56-year-old Ukrainian engineer. Her story is likely to be common to many women who have fled from Ukraine. But, unlike those who managed to find hospitality from relatives, friends and benefactors, she was faced with a nightmare.

“After the invasion of Ukraine, I spent many days in my home in Kiev and endured the situation”, he begins his story, “among the various options for expulsion from Kiev, I received a proposal from an old family friend living in Conegliano, who had frequented Kiev on tourist trips. I hadn’t felt it for many years, but I had a positive memory. He told me he had an independent apartment. ”

Thus, together with her 27-year-old son, she managed to escape from the capital, which at the time was still at risk of bombing, reaching the border with Poland with an adventurous journey.

«Only during the trip Giuseppe (invented name ndr) told me that she was “single” and that, for some time, we had to live together in her house “, says the woman,” as the offered apartment was not suitable for various disasters, lack of gas and electricity. However, we were grateful for the “rescue” and we were granted a “loan for use” contract for which I then regularly paid for electricity and gas ».

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“We fled Kiev for fear of bombs, but we had our jobs and our savings. We initially had lunches and dinners with Giuseppe in company, in what seemed like a renewed friendship, but about ten days after our arrival he began to show signs of impatience ».

Joseph probably wanted something else from the woman. While her son had to work as a laborer to renovate the apartment, collaborating with a company at “5 euros per hour in black”, she worked as a “cleaning lady to clean the residues of the construction site, suffering from back pain and hand pathology “.

Eventually they moved into the renovated apartment, furnishing it at their own expense, paying for food and energy bills. Another acquaintance, a Roman engineer, helped her.

«Giuseppe expected us to work regardless of our work and professionalism», explains the Ukrainian engineer. “It was useless to say that we worked online for our Kyiv company, me for a clothing company and my son for a recycling company. He repeated in an obsessive, maniacal and nagging way that “in his house there is no place for those who do not work” ».

«He claimed, insisting, to know the names of the companies we work with for” his investigations “. Within a few years of retirement, I was treated like nothing. Due to verbal pressure and texting, I was now perpetually anxious and started using psychiatric drugs. I turned to a lawyer who told me about the hypothesis of “stalking” ».

A report was then made to the Carabinieri of Conegliano, requesting that the professional stop with his prevaricating attitudes. And so it was, the man calmed down.

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The woman and her son have returned to Kiev since the beginning of June, now that the situation in the Ukrainian capital is less complicated. “I leave this story for memory”, says the woman, “hoping that other people, especially women, invited will not end up” guests “of characters similar to him”, explains the 56-year-old, who also wants to thank Conegliano and the Veneto that they accepted.

«In my voluntary work, as a translator for the Ulss of Conegliano, I came to know the true generosity and true hospitality of the Venetian population. This will be a beautiful memory that I will always carry with me. I found helpful people here, the specialists of the vaccination center were very good and there I found good and respectful professionals “

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