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Ultra trail Lake Maggiore: Breda and Macellaro first together after 81 kilometers

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A victory for two in the Ultra trail Lake Maggiore with Matteo Breda from Varese and Alessandro Macellaro from Turin who crossed the finish line in Verbania together in the first edition of the Sport Promotion race. A journey of 81 km between Verbano and Val Grande lasted 10 hours 33’58 ”to Breda and Macellaro. Completing the podium was Diego Giacomini, 49’17 ”behind, 4th Roberto Maida, 5th Andrea Fila.

Arrival at the same time also in the women’s 81 km with the Canavese Chiara Boggio and the Aosta Valley Sonia Locatelli who arrived with their arms raised at the finish line of the Maggiore di Verbania after 12 hours 28’41 ”of race. To complete the podium for women Ilaria Magistri, who reached the finish line with 1 hour and 50 minutes of gap, fourth was Marta Frittoli.

In the 37 km victory of the Ossolano of Sport Project Vco Fabio Montanari, who arrived alone on the finish line after 3h59’30 ”of race. Place of honor for Stefano Radaelli, trailing by 8’38 “, 3rd Andrea Vola with a gap of 13’53”. Winning the women’s 37 km was the Varese athlete Malnate Anna Cremonesi, first in 4h30’50 ”: she preceded Elisabetta Negra and Elisabetta Negra.

In the 18 km wins Francesco Guglielmetti, 2nd Thomas Geneselli, 3rd Paolo Boneschi. In the female Nora Gilardi preceded Martina Rigoli, Priscilla Rigo.

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