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UN human rights officials: lamenting the failure of the Xinjiang investigation and criticizing the Taliban for abandoning their promises

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On September 13, a UN human rights official lamented the unsuccessful efforts to gain access to the Xinjiang region of China and added that she was completing a report on the situation in Xinjiang. The United Nations hopes to investigate reports of serious violations against Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang.

Michelle Bachelet, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, said at the beginning of the autumn session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on Monday, “I regret that I cannot report any progress on my efforts to gain a meaningful entry into the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.” “At the same time, my office has finally completed an assessment of the information it can obtain on allegations of serious human rights persecution in that area and will make it public.”

To criticize the Taliban for abandoning their promises

At the same time, Bachelet also told the Human Rights Council that her office had received credible information accusing the Taliban of retaliatory killings of former members of the Afghan security forces, and that some former government officials and their families were forcibly arrested. They were released and others were killed.

Bachelet criticized the Taliban for abandoning their promises and warned Afghanistan to enter a “new and dangerous phase.” She cited multiple instances of the Taliban conducting house-to-house searches of former government officials and people who had cooperated with US security forces. These happened in at least 6 cities. And UN personnel have also reported an increasing number of attacks and threats.

Bachelet also specifically mentioned “deeply disturbing information” about the Taliban’s raids on some human rights organizations. She said that contradicting the Taliban’s commitment to protecting women’s rights is that in the past three weeks, women have been gradually excluded from the public sphere. Bachelet said that girls over the age of 12 in some parts of Afghanistan were banned from going to school, and some women’s affairs departments were disbanded.

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The Taliban’s armed forces, designated by the United Nations as a terrorist organization, invaded the capital Kabul in mid-August without much resistance. This led to chaos after the fall of the Afghan government and army, and the Biden government faced criticism from home and abroad. . The suicide attack at Kabul Airport, which caused hundreds of deaths and injuries, including at least 13 American soldiers killed, added fuel to the fire. President Biden defended his decision to withdraw troops, saying that the United States had achieved its goal of invading Afghanistan in 2001 long ago.


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