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Underage hitman murdered a man in Bogotá

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Underage hitman murdered a man in Bogotá

A man was murdered in the south of Bogotá, the crime was carried out by a minor under 16 years of age

The victim was a 30-year-old man who received a gunshot wound to the head, which caused his death. In addition, the victim was with two other women, who are also apparently involved in the homicide.

“Apparently this minor is involved in the incident. Through the monitoring of the cameras and the traceability of the events presented, the participation of two women who are involved in the events is also noted. This is a matter of investigation by the CTI,” said Héctor Rodríguez, Police Colonel.

The hitman escaped from the scene, but thanks to the surveillance cameras there, the Police managed to capture him a few blocks away from where the events occurred.

The judicial authorities identified that the minor already had several notes for qualified theft and was made available.

Likewise, the victim of this incident, Víctor Manuel Ovalle, already had two notes for the crime of a sexual act with a minor under 14 years of age.

It is important to mention that five days ago the owner of a butcher shop was murdered in the Los Cedros neighborhood of the town of Suba, because apparently he did not want to pay an extortion that he received a few days before this event.

According to the Police report, the man received three gunshot wounds to the head and they opened an investigation to clarify this crime.


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