Home News Unesco is looking for tourists in the Dolomites through social media: 4 million from the ministry

Unesco is looking for tourists in the Dolomites through social media: 4 million from the ministry

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Unesco is looking for tourists in the Dolomites through social media: 4 million from the ministry
An accessible path in the Dolomites (photo from the site assionlus.it)

Project intended for Municipalities in the core area of ​​the Heritage. Digital marketing and seasonally adjusting actions are planned

BELLUNO. Grow tourism in the less traveled territories, seasonally adjusting and focusing on accessibility. These are the cornerstones of the project financed by the ministry of tourism, which aims to enhance the municipalities with a tourist-cultural vocation in whose territories they are located sites recognized by Unesco as a World Heritage Site, increasing the attractiveness and tourist presence in quality and quantity.

For the Unesco site of the Dolomites are available 3.8 million euros (already assigned), which will fall on seventy-eight municipalities.

In the Belluno area on the territories of Agordo, Alleghe, Auronzo, Belluno, Borca, Calalzo, Canale d’Agordo, Cesiomaggiore, Comelico Superiore, Cortina, Domegge, Falcade, Feltre, Gosaldo, La Valle, Livinallongo, Longarone, Lorenzago, Lozzo, Perarolo, Pieve di Cadore, Rivamonte, Rocca Pietore, San Gregorio, San Vito, Santa Giustina, Sedico, Selva, Sospirolo, Sovramonte, Taibon, Val di Zoldo, Valle, Vodo, Voltago and Zoppè.

Municipalities are called upon to approve a collaboration agreement with Livinallongo, who offered to be the leader, and to give him the power to operate. Times are very tight: the project must be sent to the ministry by 15 July.

The details for the moment are few, because we are working on the project proposal, but the goal is to increase tourist presences by 5% in the municipalities of the core area of ​​the Dolomites compared to the pre-pandemic period.

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Not everywhere, of course, was explained in yesterday’s assembly of mayors of the Province. There are areas which already are far too crowded. Others, on the other hand, are less frequented, even if they have nothing to envy to the more famous places.

The project will focus on seasonal adjustmentbut also on accessibility and inclusiveness, on the basis of the Dolomites accessible project which has defined a series of routes that can be done by people with reduced mobility or who move in a wheelchair.

Another design aspect will focus on culture of the visitand many marketing actions will be addressed to the youngest, with digital promotions.

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