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Unit for Victims commemorated Week of the Disappeared Detainee in Cesar

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Unit for Victims commemorated Week of the Disappeared Detainee in Cesar

The Unit for Victims, in coordination with the Unit for the Search for Persons Deemed Missing (UBPD), carried out an act to commemorate the International Week of the Disappeared Detainee, in Valledupar, where the presence of institutions that participate in this search and other remedial processes for people touched by this victimizing act in the framework of the armed conflict in Cesar.

The Unit for Victims highlighted the importance of articulating with institutions such as the Cesar Sectional Prosecutor’s Office, the National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences, the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP), among others, in order to respond to the needs of victims who They remain in search of their detained missing loved ones.

“The Unit for Victims commemorates the week of the disappeared detainee and pays tribute to those who have been subjected to forced disappearance and the relatives of these people who have suffered the consequences of prolonged mourning and psychosocial effects generated by the absence of their loved ones. dear; in addition to the uncertainty of the pain that does not give truce when not knowing what happened”, said the territorial director of Cesar – La Guajira of the Unit, Mario Ríos Oñate.

According to the Single Registry of Victims (RUV), to date there are 8,457 victims of disappearance in the department of Cesar, of which 2,188 are direct victims and 6,269 indirect victims, associated with the crime of forced disappearance.

“For us it is very dignifying that this commemoration is held, I have participated in other events, but we had not had the opportunity to go here, it is not a way to search, but to dignify because each person who is here is giving it importance. to our pain,” said Kelly Díaz, a victim of El Copey, Cesar.

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For their part, the institutions made progress in a commitment to the victims to advance a day of attention where the aforementioned converge again to respond to various processes that, according to the victims, joint attention is better for clarification in their situations of Search for your loved ones.

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