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United States, assault on the Capitol: the “Shaman” sentenced to 41 months in prison

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Sentenced to 41 months in prison for one of the Capitol Hill assailants on January 6: Jacob Chansley, 34, who became famous for the shaman costume used during the assault and linked to QAnon. It is the longest detention imposed so far on the protagonists of the insurrection. The ‘Shaman’ has been in prison for ten months: having become the symbol of the attack on the seat of Congress which cost the lives of five people, he pleaded guilty last September, admitting to having participated in the revolt of the supporters of Donald Trump whose goal was to prevent the certification of Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential elections.

Bannon, the guru who pushed Salvini and the M5S arrested: “Do the Lega-grillini experiment, it will change global politics”


This is how the “Shaman” Jake Angeli spoke before the assault

In the motivation with which the US Department of Justice had asked for 4 years of detention against him, it was explained that the sentence must represent an “example” for future possible attacks on the government. The position of Chansley’s defender, Albert Watkins, who had cited the film ‘Forrest Gump’, said that his client has always had mental problems that would be at the origin of his participation in the January 6 riot, for which he showed “Sincere and profound remorse”.

The truth and fake news about Shaman Jake Angeli and what the symbols he carries mean

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