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Unmissable events at the First Valledupar Book Fair

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Unmissable events at the First Valledupar Book Fair

There are only a few hours left before Valledupar begins to breathe a festive atmosphere, where literature adorned with the notes of an accordion will become the protagonist in the First Valledupar Book Fair, Felva 2023, which will take place in the city from June 8 to 11.

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There are about 40 events that make up a varied program to captivate the attention of children and adults present in the Historic Center of the capital of Cesar.

However, a series of conferences, conversations and book launches stand out, among other activities, called ‘unmissable’, either because of the theme to be developed or the characters that will be part of the events, starting on Thursday June 8 with the conversation ‘The sense of thinking and writing’, where the former Minister of Mines and Energy, Amilkar Acosta, will show his side as a writerroutines, themes and the craft of narrating for the purposeful debate in a talk with the former Secretary of Culture, Carlos Liñán, which will take place at the University of Santander, UDES, at 8:30 in the morning.

The same day, at 11 am, at the Colegio Gimnasio del Norte, the Vallenato writer Alonso Sánchez Baute will share with the students and rector of this institution, the story behind his novel ‘Humilda’s look’inspired by his West Highland White Terrier dog.

At 6:30 pm, in the Alfonso López square will be the official start of the First Book Fair of Valledupar, Felva, with the participation of the mayor Mello Castro, the governor of Cesar, Andrés Felipe Meza; the president of the House of Representatives, David Racero and the director of Diario EL PILÓN, Juan Carlos Quintero. At the inauguration, the Vallenato writer Juan José Daza, director of Buscalibre, will refer to the new technological ways of accessing the book.

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Another of the unmissable events on Thursday June 8 is the talk about Gabriel García Márquez by Jaime Abello, director of the Gabo Foundation, who will describe the legacy of ‘Gabo’ as a writer, journalist and creator of universal fictions. This will also take place in Alfonso López square, at 7 pm

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On the same stage, at 8 pmthe writer William Ospina will give a masterful talk about Gabriel García Márquez, closing with a flourish the first day of Felva.

Alonso Sánchez will have a meeting with students to talk about his book ‘Humilda’s look’, inspired by his pet. PHOTO: COURTESY.


The second day of the First Valledupar Book Fair begins with the conference ‘Reflections for a changing world‘, where Moisés Wassermanformer rector of the National University of Colombia and renowned Latin American scientist, will share reflections on how the coKnowledge and science are pillars in the construction of fair progress in the social and educational fields, towards the idea of ​​a better world. The above It will take place at 8:30 am at the Casa de la Cultura.

same time but from the La Sierra Internacional school, the vallenato writer Luis Felipe Núñez will talk with Gustavo Álvarezrector of this institution, about the meaning of books in his training in the conversation ‘In the library of a writer’.

next, At 9:45 am, at the Casa de la Cultura, the writer William Ospina will launch his biographical novel ‘I will put my ear to the stone until I speak’, research on the biologist, humanist, astronomer and scientist Alexander von Humboldt, who left a legacy in Colombia and Latin America. Ospina will portray us a more human Humboldt.

At 4 pm, at the Casa de la Cultura, the speaker Fernando Galindo will talk about how technological developments and the demands of the contemporary world make sitting down to read seem increasingly difficult. Offering ideas to find, in the space of reading, an experience closer to our goals, which will help answer the question ‘Can you be a good reader in a fast-paced world and among so many technological distractions?’.

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We ended Friday with the discussion ‘Alejandro Gaviria does not expect to make that trip’. The former Minister of Health, Education and former presidential candidate will talk with María Angélica Pumarejo about her book ‘I don’t expect to make that trip’, a work made up of the story of lives destroyed by war and fanaticism, blocked trips, forgotten letters and ghosts. This will take place at the Casa de la Cultura at 7 pm

The writer Vannesa Rosales will exhibit her work ‘Inconvenient Woman’ at Felva 2023. PHOTO: COURTESY.


from 8:30 am, the House of Culture receives the speaker of the House of Representatives, David Racero, who will present his book ‘Reset’, that shows how young people can find ways and methods of social transformation through innovation. The congressman will speak with María José Pizarro about his literary work.

It advances on Saturday and at 11:30 am, in the Casa de la Cultura, the discussion ‘Regional newspapers facing the growth of social networks and the development of modern sensibilities’. Andrés Molina, director of Radio Guatapurí, will speak with William Salleg, director of the meridian (Hunting); Nicolás Pareja, director of The universal (Cartagena); Juan Carlos Quintero, Director of THE PYLON (Valledupar), and Jaime Abello Banfi, director of the Gabo Foundation.

Afternoon falls and at 5 pm, In Callejón de la Estrella, the writer Vanessa Rosales will talk with Claudia Ayola and Mercedes Posada about her book ‘Inconvenient Woman’, in which she presents the experience of being a woman through essays, reflections and experiences.

At 6:30 p.m., the writer Alonso Sánchez Baute will relaunch the book ‘Deliver us from good’, in which he shows a painful and necessary social X-ray of a part of the violence that explores two vallenato characters: Ricardo Palmera (Farc) and Rodrigo Tovar (AUC). Sánchez will talk with the journalist María Jimena Durán in the Gases del Caribe courtyard of Callejón de la Estrella.

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Saturday ends with the conversation ‘Great Colombian drunkards’. Manizaleño writer Pablo Rolando Arango will speak with editor Ángel Unfried about his book ‘Grandes borrachos colombianos’, to tell what is in the sordid world of drink and the experiences that originated his work. The event will take place at the Pedro Páramo restaurant bar, at 8 pm

Cartoonist Vladdo will talk about Aleida, his iconic character. PHOTO: COURTESY.


With the development of three major events, the first Valledupar Book Fair ends. The first of them is the unmissable conversation ‘Humberto de la Calle, the writer’, which will take place at 2:45 pm at the Casa de la Cultura. The former Vice President of the Republic will talk with Catalina Lobo about his work ‘The unlikely death of Hercules Pretorius’.

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At 4 pm and on the same stage the conversation will take place ‘Violence against women’, where Carolina Sanín will speak with Diana López Zuleta about his book ‘We are abysmal lights and the sun’.

Finally, at 5:30 pm, at the Casa de la Cultura, the cartoonist Vladimir Flórez, better known as ‘Vladdo’, will tell us in a talk the story behind his iconic character Aleidathus closing the first edition of the Valledupar Book Fair, an event organized by the publishing house EL PILÓN, with the support of the public and private sectors of the Caribbean region.

Through this link you will be able to find out more details about the Felva 2023 programming:

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