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UNO begins VERUNO by giving away 10 double trips and more than 70 thousand prizes instantly

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UNO begins VERUNO by giving away 10 double trips and more than 70 thousand prizes instantly

The Salvadoran Radiotherapy Center (CSR), the undisputed leader in private cancer care in the region, has marked a historic event by presenting on January 18 the new VitalBeam radiotherapy equipment from the Varian brand.

The CSR, a pioneer in the use of cutting-edge technology, becomes the first private establishment in the country to have the modern VitalBeam linear accelerator. Designed to provide precise delivery of radiation in cancer treatment, this device stands out for its versatile molecular design, allowing the destruction of cancer cells while preserving surrounding tissues.

CSR’s outstanding multidisciplinary team, made up of radiation oncologists, physicists, physicians, licensed radiation therapy specialists and highly trained nurses, supports the center’s philosophy of providing highly personalized care.

Given this, we went to the CSR to learn more about this topic.

Julio Calles Gonzáles, Specialist Radiation Oncologist, spoke about the treatment techniques that, thanks to the VitalBeam, the CSR will be able to make available to its patients.

«This is a great opportunity that the Salvadoran population has. With this accelerator we will be able to treat all types of tumors regardless of their location in the patient’s body,” said Gonzales, who added: “we can use 3D conformal radiotherapy to treat a tumor, a system that allows us to manage tumors more effectively and Fewer side effects for the patient. In the process, the radiation is adapted to the size and shape of the tumor. “It is usually used in lung cancer, prostate cancer and some brain tumors.”

Julio Calles Gonzáles, Specialist Radiation Oncologist

Gonzáles highlighted that intensity modulated radiotherapy can be used to treat cancer and other tumors that are not cancerous. “The purpose of treatment is to direct the radiation to a specific target so as not to damage nearby healthy tissue,” he emphasized.

It should be noted that VitalBeam’s advanced technology adapts to various shapes and sizes of tumors, enabling highly personalized and effective treatment. This approach aligns perfectly with the CSR’s vision of offering more efficient and less invasive treatment options, marking a significant advance in cancer therapy.

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Gonzáles emphasized that this will be a key benefit, because radiotherapy treatments generally have many sessions on several consecutive days, this will depend on the type of cancer to be treated. “In this case, the main benefit that the patient will have with the VitalBeam is that they can arrive at our clinic, be treated in a few minutes and return to their home or work, as they normally would if they did not have the disease,” he said.

“CSR patients will realize from the first time the benefit and quality of the treatments they have,” he pointed out.

You can get more information through their social media platforms, such as Facebook (Centro Salvadoreño de Radioterapia) and Instagram (@csr_radioterapia), or by locating them on Waze as Centro Salvadoreño de Radioterapia. Likewise, you can visit the clinic in person at Calle Nueva N1, house 3823, Colonia Escalón, San Salvador, or call 2213-2900.

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