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Unvaccinated police and military, 50 thousand at risk of suspension

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The knot of the military and police no vax or without vaccine is now at a head. At stake are about 50 thousand employees of the Defense, security and public rescue sector. They belong to the State Police, the Arma dei Carabinieri and the Guardia di Finanza; the Army, Navy and Air Force; the Fire Brigade. At varying percentages, the share of those without vaccine is however not marginal: the order of magnitude is thousands of units. All now subjected to the vaccination obligation with an impending deadline: from December 15, those who do not decide to respect it risk suspension from the service.

Situation improving

Ministers Lorenzo Guerini (Defense) and Luciana Lamorgese (Internal) are on alert. Just yesterday at the PS department led by the prefect Lamberto Giannini a summit was held with the police unions. To define the management from December 15th onwards. It will not be easy. The announcement effect of the decree law on the super Green pass, wanted by the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, however, started the race for the first doses even among the military and dubious agents. It should also be said that the numbers of no vax and unvaccinated are high but must be purified from a figure that is still unknown, that is, those who have made the vaccine independently without participating in the prophylaxis of the office.

Among the carabinieri, 90.9% are vaccinated, about 5 thousand soldiers remain out. For the State Police, unofficial figures are a little higher, between 5 and 7 thousand uncovered agents. In the Armed Forces, the percentage of vaccinated with at least one dose is about 87%. It should be noted a clear improvement compared to a couple of months ago when the average share of unvaccinated in the sector was worse: about 20%, a number also written in official documents.

Pressing on the doubters

The bet now in the sector is to reduce the diehards to a minimum and convince all doubters. The procedures to be adopted were discussed in the meeting at the Interior Ministry. A circular from the PS Department is on the way: all policemen will be called to confirm with their documents their adherence to the vaccine. Then those who do not answer will be contacted, asked if they are vaccinated or not, in the latter case invited to fulfill the obligation.

“Within five days he will have to communicate the reservation, once the vaccine has been made within 15 days he will have the green certification – explains Felice Romano (Siulp) – up to the date of the vaccination he will have to make a daily or molecular antigenic swab at his expense every 48 hours, so you can continue to work. However, we asked – Romano emphasizes – that once the vaccine has been made, the subsequent swabs must be paid for by the administration “. For those who do not get vaccinated, in addition to the loss of salary, there is the obligation to return the gun, handcuffs and card. “We asked for the strengthening of the network of psychologists for the State Police – underlines Romano – precisely to dispel all anxiety and support the uncertainties of those who are more fragile”.

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