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Up to ten rats and mice per inhabitant in this city, so it’s time for “extraordinary intervention”

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In the Italian city of Turin, the pest problem has become untenable. It is estimated that there are up to ten rats and mice per inhabitant. And so it is time for action.

They walk on the sidewalks, between the holes in the walls and in the courtyards between the garbage cans. At night they look for food and come out of sewers and cellars. The problems have been there for some time, but now the situation has become almost untenable. According to estimates, there are currently more rats and mice than people living in the Italian city of Turin. It would even be a ratio of 10 rodents per person. The situation has escalated especially in the area around two squares, Piazza XVIII Dicembre and Piazza Carlo Felice.

Large-scale extermination is therefore necessary, according to the city council. “Last summer there were already critical situations in these two areas, due to a series of unforeseen situations and especially due to the presence of many construction sites that favored the spread of rats,” city councilors Francesco Tresso and Chiara Foglietta told Italian media. The city has therefore decided to intervene quickly with an “extraordinary and coordinated intervention” to “radically tackle” the rat problem.

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Initially, the city will battle the pests in an area of ​​about 18,000 square meters in the months of February and March. The results will then be evaluated and the area will be expanded if necessary.

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The intention is also to draw up a long-term strategy, because the sewer connections in the city are the perfect habitat for the rats, from where they can enter cellars and houses. The old city center is one of the most affected areas, due to its population density and the age of the sewage system.

Turin’s rat problem has even been compared to that of New York City. They have been fighting the rodents there for years. At the end of 2022, a vacancy was even advertised for ‘rodent control director’ who had to tackle public enemy number 1 of New Yorkers. But even there they have not yet achieved the intended result.

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