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Urgent presence of national government

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Urgent presence of national government

While members of nine community councils blocked the entrance to the port of Buenaventura demanding more security, the Colombian Chamber of Infrastructure requested the urgent presence of the national government to deal with the blockages presented on the road between Loboguerrero and the port city.

According to the union entity, “the demonstrations that are held on the road to Buenaventura by the communities, large scale affect the food supplymedical supplies, public services and cargo transportation”.

The CCI emphasized that “we ask the National Government to hold negotiation tables, where requests from the communities are taken into account and an agreement is reached that involves stopping violent acts and lifting the blockades as soon as possible.”

Likewise, he added that “the port of Buenaventura is of great importance for the Colombian economy by mobilizing 37% of foreign tradeTherefore, the situation of the city and its inhabitants must be a priority for the National Government, where effects on the development and competitiveness of the region and the country are avoided”.

the blockade

On the other hand, the protesters advance a sit-in permanent in the El Gallinero sector, at the entrance to Bajo Calima and the port of Aguadulce.

The demonstrators requested the presence of the national government to deliver a list of requests twenty points.

In the document they ask, among other things, that the agreements with illegal armed actors must extend to dismantle social control that these groups have within the communities, not to make illegal checkpoints in the territories, nor to be inside the towns and hamlets, as well as not to interfere in community affairs.

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In this regard Mario Angulo, coordinator of the process of Black Communities in Buenaventura, said that “displacements have worsened in all the basins of Buenaventura, as a result of the disputes of all the armed actors”.

The district representative of Buenaventura, Edwin Patiño, stated that nearly a thousand families have been displaced of Bajo Calima due to public order problems.


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