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US and EU to the Taliban, reopen schools for girls

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US and EU to the Taliban, reopen schools for girls

Request from six countries, including GB, Canada and Norway

(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, MARCH 24 – Six countries, including the United States, are asking the Taliban to “review” the decision to close middle schools for girls. France, Italy, Norway, the United States, Canada and Great Britain, as well as the EU High Representative have warned that the decision “may have consequences that not only harm girls but” may undermine Afghanistan’s ambition to become a respected member. of the international community “.

“We are united in our condemnation of the Taliban’s decision of March 23 to deny so many Afghan girls the opportunity to finally go back to school,” reads a statement from the US State Department on the joint declaration of the six countries. “The Taliban’s action contradicts their public assurances to the Afghan people and the international community. The decision came after months of work by the international community to support teachers’ salaries on the promise that schools would be open to all. “, reads the note again. “We urgently call on the Taliban to reverse this decision which will have consequences far beyond the harm to Afghan girls and could profoundly undermine Afghanistan’s prospects for social cohesion and economic growth, its ambition to become a respected member of the international community and will of Afghans to return from abroad “. The decision, according to the appeal of the US, France, Italy, Norway, Canada, Great Britain and the EU, “will have an inevitable impact on the Taliban’s prospects of obtaining political support and legitimacy both at home and abroad.

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Every Afghan citizen, boy or girl, man or woman, has the same right to education at all levels, in all provinces of the country “. (ANSA).

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