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US Court raises the level of surveillance of Emma Coronel after serving a reduced sentence

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US Court raises the level of surveillance of Emma Coronel after serving a reduced sentence

The District Court of the District of Columbia in the United States has issued an order to modify the conditions of supervised release for Emma Coronel, the wife of notorious drug lord Joaquín Guzmán Loera, also known as “El Chapo”. Coronel was released on September 13th, after serving a reduced sentence for drug trafficking and money laundering charges.

According to the order issued by Judge Rudolph Contreras, Coronel is now required to deliver information about her properties, residence, vehicle, documents, computers, mobile phones, electronic communications, data storage devices, email accounts, social media accounts, cloud storage accounts, and other items under her control to her probation officer or any law enforcement officer upon reasonable suspicion of a violation of her conditions of supervision or illegal conduct.

Additionally, Coronel must provide a signed authorization for her probation officer to consult her credit history, her federal and state income tax returns, and an accurate financial statement with supporting documentation of all assets, income, expenses, and liabilities.

After spending two years and four months in a Texas prison and a couple of months in a halfway house, Coronel, who has Mexican-American nationality, was released but placed under a supervised release regime for four years. During this time, she must report her place of residence and accept surprise visits from her probation officer to ensure that she does not commit crimes again.

This modification of the conditions of supervised release comes after Coronel’s release from prison and is intended to closely monitor her activities and prevent any further criminal behavior. The order reflects the court’s determination to enforce strict oversight to prevent a repeat of her previous criminal activities.

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Coronel’s release has sparked public interest and media attention, and her actions will continue to be closely monitored during her supervised release.

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