Home News US Supreme Court abolishes the right to abortion, Pillon: “Let’s bring this breeze to Italy”. Salvini: “I believe in life but the last word belongs to the woman”

US Supreme Court abolishes the right to abortion, Pillon: “Let’s bring this breeze to Italy”. Salvini: “I believe in life but the last word belongs to the woman”

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US Supreme Court abolishes the right to abortion, Pillon: “Let’s bring this breeze to Italy”.  Salvini: “I believe in life but the last word belongs to the woman”

The US Supreme Court overturns the sentence that has guaranteed the right to abortion for 50 years. The new decision affirms that it will be the right of individual states to decide and, if desired, to ban abortion. In Italy there is no lack of political reactions. From Simone Pillon of the Lega, who considers it “a great victory” and hopes that this “breeze will also come to us” to Mario Adinolfi, national president of the Popolo della Famiglia, who rejoices at the “historic decision” declaring that now it has been ” set a barrier to the horror whereby in the United States for every five children conceived one was killed in the womb ».
The leader of the Northern League, Matteo Salvini, is more moderate: “I believe in the value of life, from beginning to end, – said the Northern League leader – but on the subject of pregnancy, the last word is always up to women”. From Pd to LeU, from + Europe to 5 Stars, there is a unanimous chorus against the decision that “turns back the hands of history”. Let’s see the political reactions in detail.

Pillon: great victory over abortion, breeze comes to us
“After 50 years, the American Supreme Court repealed the famous Roe vs. Wade, founded on a false case, who had authorized abortion in the United States. Voluntary abortion is not a right. In the sentence, approved 6 against 3, we read that “the constitution makes no reference to abortion, nor is any right of this kind implicitly protected by any constitutional provision, including those on which the defenders of Roe and Casey are based” ” . The Northern League senator Simone Pillon writes it on Fb. “Now – he underlines – we also bring to Europe and Italy the light breeze of the right to life of every child, who must be able to see this beautiful blue sky. We will work for this, without going against us none but remaining on the side of mothers, fathers and their children ».

Salvini: I believe in life but the last word always belongs to the woman
“I believe in the value of life, from beginning to end, but when it comes to pregnancy, the last word is always up to the woman.” The leader of the league, Matteo Salvini, writes this after the decision of the US Supreme Court on the right to abortion.

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Adinolfi (Pdf): we rejoice at a historic decision
«It is an important day for the right and for the right to life. The decision of the American Supreme Court on abortion is historic, but do not be misled by useless dramatizations of specific interests. The individual states will simply decide democratically how to regulate abortion, it will not be compulsory to allow it until the 24th week (6-month-old baby, fully formed) as was the practice in the US up to now “. Thus Mario Adinolfi, national president of the People of the Family. “On this unlimited right to abort – continues Adinolfi – the Planned Parenthood clinics have flourished, in which many of the 62 million interventions that have interrupted the life of a child in the womb since 1973, the year in which the Roe vs Wade authorized these interventions. Are the billion-dollar pockets of Planned Parenthood clinics, the first backer of the presidential campaigns of Democratic Party candidates, including Joe Biden, sore? Very well, we of the People of the Family can only rejoice. A barrier has been placed on the horror whereby in the United States for every five children conceived, one was killed in the womb. Finally the universal right to be born takes shape », he concludes.

Abortion prohibited in the US, the decision of the Supreme Court involves 36 million Americans: what will happen now

Bonino: political sentence, solidarity with American women
“Both anti-abortion and abortion associations have been in turmoil for months. The Supreme Court ruling after 50 years cancels the right to abortion in the US at the federal level, thus losing the level of constitutionality. Now it will be the individual States, a bit like in Europe, just think of Poland and Hungary, in addition to the anti-abortion regurgitation in our country as well, to regulate this freedom. It is certainly a step backwards and my solidarity goes to American women who find themselves in the same situation as decades ago with a sentence full of politics, given that the elected judges had been appointed by the Trump administration “. This was declared by Emma Bonino, senator of Più Europa. “But this sentence is a strong appeal for us too, women and men in Italy and in Europe: you can never stand still on rights, if you don’t go forward you risk going backwards. If greater spaces of freedom and responsibility are not conquered, the risk is to lose achievements that seemed unchangeable. We must all and all be aware of it, even in political battles, because it is not true that “they are all equal”, especially on rights and of women in particular ”, concludes Bonino.

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Boldrini (Pd): women’s rights under attack
“The American Supreme Court cancels the right of American women to decide about their own bodies. A sensational and worrying step backwards of 50 years, engineered by the judges appointed by former President Trump, the same ones who only a few days ago gave the green light to the use of weapons in the city. This is the legacy of the retrograde and obscurantist right that feeds discrimination and gender inequality. What happened shows once again that rights are not forever, everywhere – even in Italy – there is a risk that reactionary parties and movements could end up undermining women’s freedoms and self-determination, as foreseen by their political agenda. It is therefore essential not to let your guard down to avoid this drift. American women today have been punished just for being their own gender. It happened in the United States, where the affirmation of feminist movements represented a reference model to be inspired by. An alarming backtrack ». This was stated in a note by Laura Boldrini, Pd deputy and President of the Chamber Committee on human rights in the world.

Pirro (M5S): an obscurant wind also blows in Europe
«The abolition of the Roe v. Wade, who made abortion legal in the United States since 1973, is bad news for the rights of people around the world. The decision taken by the Supreme Court must warn us, not only for the horrible immediate consequences of this decision but for the direction that is prevailing: the obscurantist wind is also blowing in Europe. We live in dark times for rights, we are unable to add new ones and we are taking steps backwards on those acquired ». Thus the senator of the 5 Star Movement Elisa Pirro, group leader in the Healthcare Commission of Palazzo Madama.

US bishops: historic day against unjust law. Trump: “It’s God’s will”

Fornaro (LeU): sentence on abortion leaves you astonished
«Today’s sentence leaves you astonished. In one fell swoop we return to the Middle Ages of women’s rights. What has always been defined as the greatest democracy in the world cancels a sacrosanct right for everyone, not just for women “. This was stated by the group leader of LeU Federico Fornaro.

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Calenda (Action): concerned about democratic regression
«A fundamental right will become the object of a violent political and religious conflict. We are witnessing a regression of American democracy which we must be very concerned about “. Thus the leader of Action Carlo Calenda the sentence of the US Supreme Court on the right to abortion.

US bishops: historic day against unjust law. Trump: “It’s God’s will”

Zingaretti (Lazio Region): dramatic step backwards from the US Supreme Court
«The terrible choice of the American Supreme Court represents a dramatic step backwards. It confirms how important it is, always and in every place, never to let your guard down in defense of women’s rights “. Thus the president of the Lazio Region Nicola Zingaretti in a post on Facebook.
Carfagna (Forza Italia): no to new cultural wars, luckily 194 is solid
«After the sentence of the US Supreme Court we do not need new culture wars. Fortunately, in Italy, 194 is solid and no political force questions it ». Mara Carfagna, Minister for the South and Territorial Cohesion, writes on Twitter.

Hope (Article One): US ruling cancels half a century of battles
“The US Supreme Court ruling cancels half a century of battles for women’s rights and tells us that we must never consider progress as acquired forever. We must continue to fight every day so that there is never going back ». Health Minister Roberto Speranza writes on Twitter.

Schlein (vice president of Emilia Romagna): a terrifying leap in the dark
“The Supreme Court in the United States has revoked the constitutional right to abortion, canceling the Roe vs Wade ruling. Now the individual states can decide. A leap back 50 years, a terrifying leap in the dark in which the rights of women to choose over their own body are canceled ». This was written on his Twitter profile by Elly Schlein, vice president of the Emilia-Romagna Region, commenting on the revocation of the American Supreme Court.

Activists for the right to abortion march in New York


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