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US uses veto and blocks UN resolution on ceasefire in Gaza Strip

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The United States (US) has used its veto in the United Nations (UN) Security Council and blocked a resolution on a humanitarian truce in the Gaza Strip. “The resolution is an obstacle to negotiations,” emphasized US UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield.

“A vote in favor of this draft resolution is support for the Palestinians’ right to life,” Algerian UN envoy Amar Bendjama said on Tuesday. “Conversely, a vote against the agreement implies an approval of the brutal violence and collective punishment imposed on them.”

The resolution, which demanded an immediate humanitarian ceasefire, was proposed by Algeria. There were 13 votes in favour, 1 vote against and 1 abstention, that of the United Kingdom.

After the American veto, the third in recent months, China was sharply supportive of the US. “To claim that this would disrupt negotiations is completely untenable,” Ambassador Zhang Jun said. “Given the situation on the ground, continued passive avoidance of an immediate ceasefire is nothing more than giving a green light to the continued slaughter. The conflict is destabilizing the entire Middle East region, leading to an increasing risk of a wider war. Only by extinguishing the flames of war in Gaza can we prevent the fires of hell from engulfing the entire region.”

Own proposal

Meanwhile, the US is working on an alternative resolution calling for a temporary ceasefire “as soon as practicable” and calling on Israel not to proceed with a planned offensive on Rafah, Gaza’s southernmost city. However, it appears that the resolution will not be put to the vote in the coming days.

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According to US UN envoy Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the veto is not a sign that the US does not want a ceasefire. She said, among other things, that Joe Biden did not participate in negotiations with Israel, Egypt and Qatar for nothing. “Any action this council takes now should help, not hinder, these sensitive and ongoing negotiations, and we believe that the resolution now on the table would in fact have a negative impact on those negotiations,” Thomas-Greenfield said.

“Demanding an immediate unconditional ceasefire without an agreement requiring Hamas to release the hostages will not achieve lasting peace,” she continued. “Instead, it could expand the fighting between Hamas and Israel.”

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