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USA did not know that pipelines were filled with gas

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USA did not know that pipelines were filled with gas

The investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has published new, explosive details about the attack on the NordStream pipelines: Chancellor Olaf Scholz is said to have played a double game up to the attack in order to keep all options open and still be able to use the North Sea pipeline. Joe Biden Scholz “put a spanner in the works.”

Pulitzer Prize winner Seymour Hersh had on February 8, 2023 with his meticulously researched disclosure story documents how US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, on instructions from President Joe Biden, ordered the CIA to organize the demolition of the Nord Stream pipelines as early as December 2021 – even before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Since then, several alternative hypotheses have been put forward, most recently by the Washington Post — but none as thoroughly researched as Hersh’s. When questioned, Hersh reiterated that his sources are reliable and that the alternative explanations are not nearly as conclusive.

On June 7th revealed Hershthat the American agents who organized the attack did not know that the 1224 km long Nord Stream pipelines were filled with natural gas at the time of the blast. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz decided not to put NordStream 2 into operation.

“The American services may have had some bad news,” Hersh said. “But it’s also conceivable that Chancellor Scholz had tacitly ordered the pipelines to be filled with natural gas so that he would have options if the war went badly. It has also made the US operation more dangerous. If that was Scholz’s plan, President Joe Biden thwarted him by ordering the pipelines to be blown up on September 26, 2022.”

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It is unclear whether the German Chancellor was involved in the decision to blow up NordStream, Hersh said. “Biden’s reckless decision, however, has maneuvered Scholz into an impasse. There was no turning back now in his support for the Ukraine war… The gas supply was turned off, no matter what Germany said about it.«

Thanks to a mild winter and the federal government spending billions, Germany made it through the winter without Russian gas, Hersh said. Despite this, Germany is the only European country in recession, also due to high energy prices. According to energy expert Sarah Miller, the real surprise is “that the German recession didn’t turn out worse and came even earlier.”

The end of cheap Russian natural gas and the resulting increase in energy costs are “the decisive factor in the German recession,” Miller told Hersh. »That is undisputed.« The decision of the German federal government »to pay any price for liquid gas (LNG) has more or less settled natural gas on the world market.«

After the NordStream blast, Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck went on a global shopping spree to buy up all the gas available on the market at greatly inflated prices and get Germany through the winter. This allowed poorer countries like Vietnam, Pakistan and Bangladesh no longer afford natural gas. Massive Blackouts in the Third World were the result. In Germany, the federal government is celebrating this as a success – at the expense of the poorest countries in the world.

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