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“USA. “must support this important ally (Nayib Bukele) in our hemisphere” – Diario La Página

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The US senator, Marco Rubio, this Friday asked the US government to support President Nayib Bukele, who has made El Salvador a safer country by fighting gangs, and at the same time urged the president to work for economic takeoff and limit China’s influence in the country.

«El Salvador today is a much safer country thanks to the policies of President Nayib Bukele. The US must support this important ally in our hemisphere,” said the politician on his X account.

Rubió also urged Bukele to lay the foundations for prosperity in El Salvador, as well as strengthen democratic institutions.

“Now that Bukele has been re-elected, I encourage his administration to build on this success and lay the foundation for prosperity that will outlast his mandate,” Rubio said in a statement.

The senator added that «Eliminating MS-13 and Barrio 18 was the first step to revitalize El Salvador, renewing the Salvadoran economy is the second. This does not mean abandoning the anti-crime program. On the contrary, prosperity arises from security.”he estimated.

“To ensure these promising results, the Bukele administration should further professionalize law enforcement, increase the capacity of the judicial system, and ensure that gangs do not reconstitute in neighboring countries,” says Rubio, who visited El Salvador last year. and met with Bukele.

The American politician maintained that “if Bukele can strengthen El Salvador’s democratic institutions, he will attract more foreign investment. “I am hopeful that the United States and El Salvador will work together on this front.”

“It would be a win-win for our nations: El Salvador has a great need for capital, and the United States has a great need for nearby manufacturing, which will protect our supply chains from being held hostage by communist China and other adversaries. To that end, Bukele should further limit China’s influence in El Salvador, as he did by ceasing negotiations with Huawei in 2023 »he added.

«The more prosperous El Salvador becomes, the better model it will be for its neighbors in our region. This will help the United States, because as crime and emigration decrease in Latin America and the Caribbean, we will be able to worry less about gang members and deadly drugs crossing our southern border,” adds the US legislator.

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Rubio also regretted that Joe Biden’s government does not work hand in hand with Bukele, but on the contrary, sanctions its officials. «Unfortunately, President Joe Biden and his left-wing administration do not see an opportunity to strengthen ties with Bukele. Instead, they speak ill of Bukele as ‘illiberal’ and sanction his officials. Never mind that this reeks of hypocrisy coming from people who grant concessions to the Venezuelan narco-terrorist regime and view Fidel Castro favorably; Don’t our leaders know that his animosity will only push El Salvador into the hands of our adversaries: China, Russia and Iran?

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