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Usa, Trump: we will take back the White House

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Usa, Trump: we will take back the White House

Former president rally at Nra convention, “arming teachers”

(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, MAY 27 – A four and a half hour drive from Uvalde, where 21 families are mourning their dead, over 50,000 people gathered to celebrate guns and attend the Donald Trump show at the National Rifle Association convention (Nra) in Houston, which has become a real rally ahead of its race for 2024. “We will go and take back that White House we love so much and make America safer, richer and bigger than ever. “, said the former US president, sending the crowd of arms champions into raptures.

A de facto candidacy for the next elections, even if Trump will still have to pass through the Republican primary.

“If we are able to send billions to Ukraine we can also do whatever is necessary to secure the schools”, attacked the tycoon criticizing Joe Biden and announcing: “When I am president for the second time I will fight evil”.

For over an hour, the former president spoke as if he were on the electoral campaign, outlining a detailed government program. “The existence of evil in our world is not a reason to disarm law-abiding citizens: it is one of the best reasons to arm them”, urged Trump, relaunching the proposal to arm teachers: “There is nothing more dangerous of a ‘gun-free’ area “.

Before the tycoon’s show, who took total control of the stage and transformed it into his personal platform, NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre intervened, remembering the victims of Robb Elementary. A surreal commemoration, liquidated with a minute of silence and swept away by the next three hours dedicated to the defense of the second amendment, at all costs. “Abolishing it is not the answer, Biden’s proposals on arms control limit Americans’ fundamental human right to self-defense,” attacked the head of the arms lobby. (HANDLE).

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