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Users claim delays due to the Civil Registry system crashing

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Users report delays in care due to the collapse of the Civil Registry system. Photo Fabián Campoverde

In the Civil Registry agencies in Cuenca, San Blas and El Batánusers reported the computer system crash the morning of this Thursday, February 15, 2024.

This caused the shift delay and the concern of those who carry out their procedures in the institution.

in the agency Saint Blaiseusers reported that the service was normal until 09:50then the shifts started to take longer.

Service points did not receive users

From that time and after 10:00he service was affected and points of attention they no longer received users.

An official of the entity informed the entire waiting room that the system was down and that there was the possibility that return in a the of hours.

Near the 11:10se recovered the system and the care units took turns, when many users had already left the agency.

Something similar happened in El Batánwhere users reported «chaos, no one is in information… There is disorder… We are here for hours.

From the Civil Registry it was indicated that intermittencies were provided in the system from 10:15 and for a period of one hour.

After that, it was indicated that they began to work normally once the computer system was restored.

According to the last statement from the institution, the intermittency of service was nationwide. (YO)

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