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Users of the EPS in Cesar will be able to report complaints and claims in the new service system

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Users of the EPS in Cesar will be able to report complaints and claims in the new service system

In dialogue with THE PILÓN, The Secretary of Health of the department of Cesar, Juan Carlos Mindiola, detailed the processes that will be carried out at the departmental level in the State Social Enterprises (ESE), highlighting the challenges to improve the quality of public health service for the people of Cesar. He emphasized the importance of carrying out constant controls and monitoring of the EPS and IPS that provide an inefficient service in rural and urban areas of the department.

Mindiola stressed the need to humanize the health service and announced the implementation of measures to improve care for the population.

The lack of opportunity and inefficiency have been permanent factors that are evident in the EPS and therefore reflected in the population they serve, so now that I have been presented with the opportunity to be in the position of departmental Secretary of Health, We are going to work jointly with my team to monitor the services provided by health companies. Because we must more humanize the service provided to the population, both the EPS and the IPS.”said the departmental Health Secretary.

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In addition, he mentioned the creation of the Citizen Service and Attention (SAC) sector so that users can file complaints, claims and requests against health companies that do not meet the standards of adequate care.

This sector, as well as being located in the department of Cesar, is also in each of the municipalities, where we analyze the complaints, the most common being delays in authorizations, delivery of medications, complementary study and care with a specialist, among others, so that this Tuesday, February 20, we began with visits to the EPS and IPS, and in the company of a pharmacy, public health team and others that represents an area of ​​the health entities, where the first thing we noticed were the long lines that they have to make the users, to whom we listen. What catches my attention is that when we arrived they made them come in and take a seat, all these actions will be analyzed and we will work to solve the lack of quality of the health service that the users suffer,” the official stated.

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Mindiola added that they will be presenting strategies to the EPS to prevent crowds of users from continuing to occur in medical centers, as well as following up on older adults who are the most affected with the new channels and means of care that have been established by the health companies to provide a service. “We gave the EPS where we were visiting ten days to correct these inconveniences, but a question arises, why, upon noticing the presence of the departmental Health Secretariat, did they act diligently, this leaves us saying that better attention can be obtained to the user, not only in the presence of the municipal or departmental health entity, but at all times”, he warned.

Finally, the departmental Health official concluded by mentioning that, since the recommendations delivered by the departmental sector are not followed by the EPS, negotiations will begin with the National Health Superintendence, which will be in the department in the middle of the month. March supervising the attention provided by the EPS and IPS of Cesar.


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