Home News Using drills to promote and train elite soldiers to build defense lines with drills as battles – side notes of the observation meeting of the province’s urban drainage and waterlogging prevention emergency drills – Current Affairs – Kaifeng.com

Using drills to promote and train elite soldiers to build defense lines with drills as battles – side notes of the observation meeting of the province’s urban drainage and waterlogging prevention emergency drills – Current Affairs – Kaifeng.com

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Using drills to promote and train elite soldiers to build defense lines with drills as battles – side notes of the observation meeting of the province’s urban drainage and waterlogging prevention emergency drills – Current Affairs – Kaifeng.com

All media reporter Liu Yanchao

Photo by all media reporter Jiang Han

Only by taking precautions can we deal with it calmly; in order to prevent the small and the gradual, we can win the initiative.

As summer is getting deeper, urban waterlogging defense has entered a critical stage. On June 13, in Kaifeng, a large flood control drill of Qutu relocation – the province’s urban drainage and waterlogging prevention emergency drill and observation meeting was held to promote the training of elite soldiers and build a defense line with training.

This is Kaifeng’s experience in flood control and flood preparation once again after the city’s flood control and drainage practices were promoted in the province last year.

At 8 o’clock, more than a dozen emergency rescue teams, including the Municipal Urban Management Law Enforcement Detachment and the Municipal Public Security Bureau, lined up neatly in the Citizen’s Square for inspection and observation. They are elite soldiers who participated in flood control and disaster relief in various units. They all have a tough style. Behind them are a series of vehicles. There are drainage and waterlogging prevention vehicles suitable for small space extraction, large-displacement “dragon water”, and amphibious vehicles. Rescue vehicles… These are the “heavy weapons” that survived the continuous heavy rain last year and stood the test.


It is understood that since the beginning of this year, our city has done meticulous and practical work in all aspects from system establishment to team building to material reserves. The work of “one map, four cases and five lists” has been compiled, a “1+1+5+20” dispatching and commanding system has been established, 38 emergency rescue teams at the city, district and street levels have been formed, and about 10.2% of earthwork has been reserved. Ten thousand cubic meters, about 126,000 tons of sand and gravel…

It is worth mentioning that the city has also built an urban flood control monitoring platform. It integrates 6 major systems, including the urban flood control command system, the urban waterlogging simulation early warning system, the smart pump station control system, and the riverside gate remote control system, forming a smart network for urban flood control, which is equipped with “clairvoyance” and “clairvoyance” for urban flood control. Shunfeng Er”, let wisdom empower the city to prevent floods.

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Up to now, the city has a total of nearly 2,600 sets (sets) of large, medium and small equipment for urban drainage and waterlogging prevention. Among them, 48 pumping stations in normal operation have a total pumping capacity of 1.01 million cubic meters per hour, and 3 rainwater pumping stations under construction are about to be completed, with a total pumping capacity of 1.1 million cubic meters per hour. ; 685 sets (sets) of mobile pumping and drainage equipment with an emergency pumping and drainage capacity of 58,000 cubic meters per hour; 1,860 sets (sets) of other safeguarding equipment serving urban flood control.

After reading the emergency team and vehicle configuration, the participants walked into the Kaifeng City Flood Control Command Center, and watched the Kaifeng City Urban Drainage and Waterlogging Prevention Emergency Drill through the “Urban Drainage and Waterlogging Prevention Emergency Command System” platform.


The “Drainage and Waterlogging Prevention Emergency Command System” platform is a one-screen unified management and one-key dispatching system composed of a smart pumping station control system, a remote control system for the gate along the river, an urban flood control command system, an intelligent manhole cover system, and an urban waterlogging simulation early warning system. “Smart Brain”.

real-time scheduling. At 9:46, the cloud video connection application popped up on the big screen, the urgent bell rang, and the exercise officially started. The Municipal Meteorological Bureau emergency connection report: In the next 6 hours, there will be more than 150mm of rain in the urban area of ​​our city, and more than 250mm of rain will occur in the Gulou District and Longting District. The meteorological department has launched a rainstorm I-level emergency plan and released the rainstorm to the public through multiple channels. Red warning sign.

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One-screen judgment. At 9:47, the commander immediately contacted the urban flood control member units such as the Municipal Urban Management Bureau, the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau, the Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau, and the Municipal Housing and Urban-rural Development Bureau for a consultation, and the waterlogging-prone areas in the urban area, the accumulated water at the interchange, the inland river The water level and the dangerous situation of dangerous houses in the urban area are summarized one by one. After the simulation of waterlogging, it is expected that in the next 2 hours, most roads in the city will have more than 200mm of water on average.

Reckless. At 9:50, the Municipal Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters immediately launched a flood control level I emergency response. The directors of the urban defense offices of all districts and others sit in the command center around the clock to precisely dispatch and control the overall situation. According to the requirements of the plan, flood control personnel quickly took to the streets to carry out drainage and waterlogging prevention work. During this period, the responsible departments such as urban management, water conservancy, and public security reported all the dispatch of personnel and equipment to the command center.


From the arrival of the flood season to the sinking of personnel to the front line, the whole process was completed in just 4 minutes.

At 9:58, according to the real-time monitoring data of the electronic water gauge of the interchange culvert, the platform personnel found that the depth of water accumulation at the Jinyaomen interchange in Longting District had reached 250mm. The commander immediately contacted the Longting District Urban Defense Office, and dispatched the City Urban Management Bureau to deploy large-scale extraction equipment for support, so that one person and one vehicle would not be exposed to potential safety hazards.

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At 10:10, the drill entered the emergency shelter and drainage rescue project for residents in low-lying and flood-prone urban areas. There was a lot of stagnant water near the Xiyuan Community in the southern section of Huanghe Street in Gulou District. The alarm device was triggered, and it was connected to the Gulou District Urban Defense Office. After clarifying the allocation of resources, difficulties and needs, they immediately arranged for personnel to urgently transfer the masses to avoid danger. And coordinate the reserve vehicles for large-displacement extraction.

Since then, drills have been carried out such as underground space in urban public areas, urban “lifeline” projects, drainage and disposal of key urban water accumulation areas, emergency protection for power supply and communication interruptions in urban pumping stations, drainage and emergency rescue at cultural relics excavation sites, and urban post-disaster restoration and operation. . Every real action highlights the word “real”; every real action highlights the word “fast”.

At the end of the drill, at the provincial urban drainage and waterlogging prevention emergency drill exchange seminar, the deputy mayors of the provinces and municipalities spoke highly of the drill: one-network management, one-screen command, one-key scheduling, city-wide coordination, reasonable and efficient They responded quickly and set a good example. They set benchmarks against the table, built a “steel Great Wall” for flood control and disaster relief, kept the “gold standard” for flood control, and safeguarded the safety of the masses.

The above pictures are all media reportersPhoto by Jiang Han and Li Kejun

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