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Vaccinations, for the third dose in Piedmont there will be a direct call

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The appointment of those who have already booked on the portal is valid, but now the invitations will arrive directly. In this way, priority will be given to the categories most at risk

In Piedmont, citizens who have to take the third dose of the anti-Covid vaccine will receive a direct call with the appointment from the Region. They will therefore no longer have to book on the portal, this is because by doing so the Region will be able to give priority to the categories most at risk.

This was announced by the governor Alberto Cirio at a press conference with the regional councilor for health, Luigi Icardi. «Up to now – Cirio recalled – the citizen received a message informing him that 5 months had passed since the last inoculation and that he could book on the portal. This theoretically meant that an 18-year-old could book as a par with a 75-year-old person. To avoid this inconvenience, and first of all to secure the most fragile, we have adopted a system whereby the citizen receives a message with the call directly. In this way we are able to graduate the priority ranges ».

“We made this choice – he added – because the Government, after starting gradually, has decided to open the third dose to everyone from 1 December. This global opening to 100% of adults requires us to change the methods of administration “.

In the current new phase of the anti-Covid vaccination campaign, Piedmont aims to make 30-35 thousand administrations per day, Cirio stressed. «The vaccination campaign – he said – sees Piedmont still stand out among the first Regions in Italy for third doses: this makes us proud but makes us responsible. We aim for a target average of 30-35,000 doses per day. To achieve this goal we work on several fronts: the strengthening of vaccination hubs by activating super-hubs in each ASL, and the return to the involvement of private individuals. We wrote to all the private companies that had opened vaccination centers to find out which ones are available to reopen them. We will continue to have open days, especially during the Christmas holidays, to take advantage of people’s free time ».

The total audience in Piedmont for the third dose is almost 3 million people, at the moment they can receive it, because 5 months have passed since the second dose, 1.4 million citizens, over 720 thousand of whom have already received the booster administration .

Those who in Piedmont will be able to receive the third dose of the anti-Covid vaccine without the need for a reservation include those who have the obligation and also all those who have the Green pass expiring in the following 72 hours. «Nobody – Cirio assured – will remain with the expired Green pass. Direct access will be a right for those who have the vaccination obligation or the Green Pass which expires in the next 72 hours “. “There will also be the possibility – he added – to change the convocation date, so that if a citizen is on vacation he can change it. In this way we also guarantee the serenity of the citizen, who feels taken in charge ».

In the press conference, there was also talk of outdoor masks. Thus the regional councilor Luigi Icardi replying to a question: «Piedmont is firmly in the white zone, and this does not provide for the obligation of outdoor masks. But there are mayors who have asked us to be able to introduce this obligation in consideration of particular situations: doing so is their prerogative ».

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