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Vaccine, third mandatory dose in healthcare: how controls work

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Documentation is presented

If the documentation certifying the vaccination request is presented, the Order invites the person concerned to transmit immediately and in any case no later than three days after administration, the certification attesting to compliance with the vaccination obligation.

The Order ascertains the non-fulfillment of the obligation

Once the terms have elapsed, if the professional association ascertains the non-fulfillment of the vaccination obligation, also with regard to the booster dose, it will notify the competent national federations and, for personnel who have an employment relationship, also the employer work.

Suspension from exercising the health professions

The act of ascertaining the non-fulfillment of the vaccination obligation adopted by the competent territorial Order has a declarative nature, not a disciplinary one, determines the immediate suspension from the exercise of the health professions and is recorded in the relative professional register. The suspension it is effective until communication by the interested party to the competent territorial order and, for those who have an employment relationship also to the employer, of the completion of the primary vaccination cycle and, for professionals who have completed the primary vaccination cycle, of the administration of the dose of recall and in any case no later than the term of six months starting from 15 December 2021. For the period of suspension wages are not due nor any other remuneration or emolument, however named.

Exempt from the obligation for health problems

Only in the event of an ascertained danger to health, in relation to specific documented clinical conditions, certified by the general practitioner, is there no obligation to vaccinate for health professions and health professionals: in these situations, vaccination can be omitted or deferred. For the period in which the vaccination is omitted or deferred, the employer must assign these people to different tasks, without reducing the salary, in order to avoid the risk of spreading the infection.

Staff of the RSA

As for the staff who work in the RSA, the managers of the structures verify the fulfillment of the vaccination obligation. If the vaccine has not been carried out or the vaccination request has not been submitted in the manner established as part of the vaccination campaign in progress, the managers invite the person concerned to produce, within five days, the documentation proving that the vaccination has been carried out or the deferral or exemption of the same or the presentation of the vaccination request to be carried out within a period not exceeding twenty days from the invitation, or in any case the non-existence of the conditions for the vaccination obligation.

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