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Vaccines, third-dose records. Son: “In the last 24 hours we have exceeded 140,000 recalls”

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The vaccination campaign for third doses seems to have gotten into the right gear. Yesterday the record with more than 140,000 doses in 24 hours. This was announced by the commissioner for the Covid emergency Son at the conference organized by Fnomceo, the Federation of the Order of Doctors, at the Rome Police School to say thanks to the military health doctors.

“87 percent of Italians have had at least one dose of vaccine but we are not yet at the end, the vaccination campaign is continuing with the third dose and yesterday we exceeded 140,000 administrations. Italy has not yet come out of the pandemic spectrum. , the virus is a treacherous enemy that knocks on the door and we have to sweat even more to close the drafts “. The goal of the campaign always remains that of 90 per cent immunized. “There is still work to be done with the hesitant,
We do about 18 thousand first doses a day “, adds the general.

“We will ensure that everyone’s freedoms do not undermine the collective interest. If there are irresponsible behaviors, they must be sanctioned, the collective interest and the health of the community are at stake”.

The Minister of Defense Lorenzo Guerini reaffirms the government’s commitment to use an iron fist against those who, in full fourth wave, violate rules and prohibitions to counter the new rise in infections that worries the Minister of Health not a little Roberto Speranza. “We are still in an unresolved challenge – Speranza’s analysis – it would be a grave mistake to let our guard down”.

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Guerini and Speranza speak at the police school in Rome where Fnomceo, the Federation of Medical Orders, has organized a conference to thank all the military health doctors for their contribution to fighting the pandemic. Even the Minister of the Interior Lamorgese points the finger at the danger of the No Vax demonstrations: “There were problems with the demonstrations, the directive to regulate them was a must: a balance is needed between the right to demonstrate and public health. It was necessary after so many Saturdays in a row in which demonstrations they have limited the right to mobility, to work, to health “.


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