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Vaccini, Figliuolo “Possible AstraZeneca extension to under 60”

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ROME (ITALPRESS) – “All vaccines must be used. AstraZeneca is recommended for certain classes but the EMA says it is good for everyone, as Britain demonstrates with 21 million doses. It is clear that there are side effects but they are infinitesimal “. General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, commissioner for the Covid emergency, said this during the inauguration of the vaccination center inside the swimming center of Ostia. “For this – he added – we must use all the doses otherwise the program will not reach the desired effects in the desired time. It is probable that in what is called rolling review, that is the revision due to the experience accumulated during vaccinations, we can also recommend for people under 60. This is being thought of, I have had discussions with Aifa, Cts, and the Istituto Superiore di Sanita ‘. (ITALPRESS). mac / sat / red 03-May-21 16:02

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