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Vaccini, Figliuolo to the Regions: “Now preferential lanes in the hubs for school and university staff”

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Accelerate the vaccination of teachers and school and university staff by creating preferential lanes in the hubs and fielding local doctors to reach everyone, teachers and non-teachers, in a more widespread way. It is the meaning of the letter that the extraordinary commissioner Francesco Paolo Figliuolo he addressed to the Regions and Autonomous Provinces, in which he took stock of the progress of vaccinations on teaching and non-teaching staff.

“School, no to another year in Dad”. And there is a dispute over classes for vaccinated only

by Corrado Zunino

The percentage currently reached by a first administration is equal to 85%, on a national average, and has recorded an increase of 0.5% compared to 23 June last.

But some regions are still well below 80% of first administrations. According to the report published on 2 July by the commissioner, among the most difficult areas there are, for example, Sicily (where the percentage of vaccinated with one dose or with a single dose is 56.4%), Calabria (67, 1%), the autonomous province of Bolzano (61.5%), Sardinia (66.7%) and Liguria (73.1%). On the contrary, Campania, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Marche, Molise, Abruzzo and Lazio have the highest percentage of vaccinated with at least one dose. The latter three, however, are overtaken by Tuscany, Puglia and Lombardy if we look at immunizations.

For this reason, in order to make the percentages more homogeneous at regional level for this category, the Commissioner asked to “implement in an even more proactive way the method of actively reaching personnel who have not yet joined the vaccination campaign, also involving doctors competent to sensitize the school community in an even more widespread way “.

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School, the pressure of the principals: “The government does not get lost in chatter, this is what it takes to return to class in September”

by Salvo Intravaia

The letter also invites the Regions and Autonomous Provinces “to encourage vaccination of the category, considering it a priority and reserving preferential lanes even at vaccination hubs”.

And there are those who come to propose the obligation of vaccination for teachers and students: “I would propose the obligation for those teachers who have not yet immunized, as for doctors. If a person constitutes a social danger, he must be removed . The same goes for students: vaccines save everyone’s lives. So good for immunization for the age group from 12 to 16 “he declares Attilio Fratta, national president of the DirigentiScuola union, who tomorrow will hold a sit-in under the Ministry of Education (Miur) in Rome at 11 to get a meeting from the minister Patrizio Bianchi on restart in September and new assignments. “Enough Dad or it will be civil disobedience.”


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