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Vaccino Covid, in Lombardy booking at 5 months and hub in the Garibaldi metro. At the fair “vaccinal funfair” for children

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The possibility of directly rebooking the vaccination at five months without having to go through the process of canceling the one at six. The opening of new vaccination hubs in subways and supermarkets, the goal of 100 thousand doses per day. And a vaccination line dedicated to children, who will soon start vaccinating themselves against Covid, in what is called a “vaccination funfair” at the Fair. Two hours of live broadcast organized by the Region and with the explanatory title #stopaidubbi with the coordinator of the vaccination campaign in Lombardy, Guido Bertolaso, flanked by Sergio Abrignani, Andrea Gori, Alberto Mantovani, Marina Picca, Giuseppe Remuzzi and Carlo Signorelli. Here are the most important news.

Covid, today’s November 29 bulletin in Lombardy: 851 new positives and 8 victims. 1.9% positivity rate

Third dose of Covid vaccine in Lombardy, here’s how to book at five months

“We are greatly expanding the diaries, at the latest tomorrow there will be space to move from the sixth to the fifth month waiting for this to be automatic, when the Post Office will also have performed this miracle. To today, if one wants to switch from booking to six months of after five months, for example passing from January 1 to December 1, he must rebook on December 1. Up to this moment it was difficult because the places in December were limited as they were all booked “. Thus, explained Bertolaso, it will be possible to avoid the double step of canceling the first reservation to make a new one. “The decision to go down from six to five months came simultaneously with the decision to vaccinate with the third dose even from 40 to 60 and from 18 to 40, so we found ourselves in a tsunami of decisions that we had to reorganize and modify. With Poste we have been taking bookings since last April and are putting the system back in place to ensure the possibility. This last week has been dramatic as we have gone from having to vaccinate 1.6 million people with the third dose of the over 60 category to over 5 million people in the space of 24 hours. Even the best organized system has found itself in difficulty but you will see that in the next few days everyone will have the opportunity to go and get vaccinated in other new centers “, he explained.

Coronavirus in Milan, epidemiologist Guido Bertolini: “Emergency rooms are at the limit. The sick stay for days and the staff are now exhausted “

by Zita Dazzi

Third vaccine dose in Lombardy, new hubs in Garibaldi station and Esselunga centers

In addition to the existing hubs, “we are opening a beautiful one in a metro station in the center of Milan – the Garibaldi station – and another 6 new centers in Esselunga and in other commercial structures that will open in 7-8 days. Then we reserve goodies when vaccinations for children open “, added Bertolaso. Also explaining why it is not possible to reopen some of the centers open for the first and second dose. “The vaccination hubs in Milan were not owned by Bertolaso ​​or the Region but were owned by Fiera, or by large centers where exhibitions and shows are held. At the time of the lockdown, during which no one earned anything, these fairs and these centers were The hubs opened during the lockdown have been closed because thanks to the vaccine we are back to work. Now the Fabbrica del Vapore are using it to make shows and paid events and therefore we can no longer take over because they are working. We have hubs that we have specially kept in reserve such as the Palazzo delle Scintille which until today has worked at half speed and today has been completely reopened “. And then there is the hub at the Fair, ready to reopen: here we will start immediately with the vaccinations of the categories (teachers, law enforcement and health workers) who from 15 December must have compulsorily done the third dose to work.

At the moment there are 75 vaccination centers open, Bertolaso ​​assures that “we will double the number of vaccine lines, from the current 40 thousand doses per day by the end of the week we will reach 75 thousand doses per day to reach 100 thousand per day after the Immaculate Conception” .

Vaccino Covid in Lombardy, a ‘funfair’ for children aged 5-11 at the Fair

The hub at the fair should become a sort of amusement center where children can get vaccinated. This was announced by Guido Bertolaso: “We are working to make the hub at the Fair a small funfair for the use and consumption of the little ones when we start vaccinating them”. When? “Before Christmas we will start vaccinating children and we will do it in dedicated centers that we are organizing. We will prepare all doctors and pediatricians, because it is obvious that parents will ask if it will be right to vaccinate their child and we want to give them all the information – he added -. Then we will make sure to have them vaccinated in small centers that may look like playgrounds and amusement parks so that the children are happier. We organize a special vaccination campaign. On 16 December we will have a meeting with Lombard pediatricians because we want to prepare them for what will be the most delicate and complicated vaccination, that of the 5 to 11 year olds which – they told me from Rome – should begin between 20 and 23 December “.

Covid vaccine for children, pediatrician Zuccotti: “Well the green light, but they don’t need to run”

by Tiziana De Giorgio

Third dose of Covid vaccine, in Lombardy space for Moderna

“In these days and in the coming weeks in Lombardy the vaccine we will use the most will be Moderna because it has proven to be safe, well manageable, even better than Pfizer in some particular situations. difficulties and doubts of any kind “: this is how Bertolaso ​​explained the strategy of the Region – also due to the high number of stocks of Moderna – thus responding to the controversy over the queues of these days:” Several people who showed up for the third dose were asking to do it with Pfizer instead of Moderna, only because they had read that for the third dose with Moderna you need half a dose. The simple fact that someone has exploited this decision, which was only adopted on a scientific basis, has caused a series of resistance and reluctance which are unjustified “, he concluded.

Covid in Lombardy, Corrao: “With vaccine 3,579 deaths saved”

“We started our vaccination campaign in Lombardy on December 27 of last year, from that day to November 9 we have saved 90,000 infections, 3,579 deaths, 933 intensive care and this speaks volumes not only about the fact that vaccines work but about the speed with which the Region has managed to implement a vaccination campaign that has had an extraordinary impact “. This was underlined by Giovanni Corrao, professor of Medical Statistics at the University of Milan-Bicocca, speaking during the direct social ‘Stop to doubts’ promoted by the Lombardy Region. “Every 9 months the protective capacity of each available vaccine is reduced by 50%, this means that we must speed up a vaccination campaign towards the third dose to guarantee an even more secure and extended protection and this would have a huge impact on public health” he concluded.


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