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Valchiusella towards the development plan

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Valchiusella towards the development plan
Cyclists in Valchiusella

Alice Superior. Monday meeting with economic operators and associations, for June the draft, final text within the year

VAL DI CHY. It will be the socio-economic development model of Valchiusella in the coming years: the guiding paradigm, the result of the shared synthesis expressed by all eight municipalities of the valley – Val di Chy, Valchiusa, Brosso, Issiglio, Rueglio, Traversella, Vidracco, Vistrorio – and forte of the contributions elaborated in recent months by citizens, economic operators, service providers, third sector. A common basis from which to start to really relaunch Valchiusella by overcoming its criticalities and particularities, capitalizing on its great potential in terms of traditions and territory, environment, tourism, history, local strengths and macro trends.

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