Home News Valentina Trespalacios’ cell phone was found at the El Dorado airport

Valentina Trespalacios’ cell phone was found at the El Dorado airport

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Valentina Trespalacios’ cell phone was found at the El Dorado airport

Research continues on the murder of DJ Valentina Trespalaciosin which it is presumed that her boyfriend would be responsible for the events, which is why in the last hours he was captured in Panama just as he was looking to leave the country for Turkey.

There are several details that the authorities are investigating, among which are the last messages from the cell phone of the 23-year-old girl, who died violently in the last hours in Bogotá.

Recently it became known that A cleaning official at the El Dorado airport found Valentina Trespalacios’ cell phone in a trash can. The Prosecutor’s Office hypothesizes that John Poulos, the victim’s partner and the main suspect in the murder, would have thrown away the cell phone just before taking a flight to Panama.

One of the conversations that came to light is the last time he spoke to his mother on his cell phone. The victim’s brother, Daniel Trespalacios, revealed to the media the last message he would have left the parent.

The brother narrated that through a video call Valentina was already resting at home, stating that she was happy with her new apartment, she also recounted that she would go to pick up her pet on Monday in Bosa, however, that day did not arrive.

The investigations into the events that happened last weekend are being carried out by the authorities, who already have Valentina’s partner in their possession, an American citizen who, according to security camera videos, was accompanying the DJ at night. in which the woman’s body appeared dismembered in a garbage container in Fontibón.

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The authorities are carrying out intelligence work to decrypt Trespalacios’ phone, this to obtain the mobile information that could lead the authorities to find those responsible for the young woman’s murder.

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