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Valentina Trespalacios: Video would prove the guilt of John Poulos

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After his capture, the local media ‘RCN’ learned that the accused was planning to go to Istanbul, Turkey. However, they managed to find other tickets that he would have acquired to travel to Montenegro, where there is no extradition.

Additionally, the subject would have bought another ticket to Sao Paulo to mislead the international authorities. He also bought all of his tickets with cash and first class to leave no trace, though his efforts to escape him were in vain.

The American arrived last Wednesday night in Bogotá, deported from Panama, when he was caught trying to board a plane in Turkey. The arrival of Poulos is given to make an inquiry into the events that occurred with the DJ Trespalacios.

carlos trianaPolice Commander, and Olga Salazardirector of the DIJIN, met with the Panamanian authorities to specify the arrival of John Poulos to our country, in order to clarify what happened to the 23-year-old girl.

According to the first statements about this fact, John Poulos He will be charged with the crimes of aggravated femicide and alteration of evidence, for which he is expected to be sent to jail, after taking the process before a judge in the country’s capital.

The test reigns

Semana magazine exclusively learned about security videos in which the subject can be seen leaving his partner’s apartment with a shopping trolley in which he was carrying a travel suitcasewhich would satisfy the same characteristics of the suitcase that the recycler found where the body of Trespalacios was.

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