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Valledupar celebrated Independence Day with a military parade

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Valledupar celebrated Independence Day with a military parade

Historic, colorful and full of patriotism, this was the act of celebrating the 213 years of the Independence of Colombia in the municipality of Valledupar, where civil and military authorities remembered the date with a military parade that reached the La Popa Battalion.

The Departmental Government Secretary, Eduardo Esquivel, was in charge of recalling the contributions made to strengthen the fight against crime, providing all institutions with tools to develop their constitutional work.

He pointed out that Cesar is working in the fight against micro-trafficking, seeking to “achieve that independence from rustling, as well as independence on the trails, that is why the Government of Cesar has invested in the Departmental Road Plan, so that peasants have the free circulation of their products, and for this they will also be guaranteed security.”

In the event, held in the María Concepción Loperena Square, next to the Banderas Square of the Governor’s Office, the National Police, the National Army participated with all the components of their military force, which reached the vicinity of the La Popa Battalion.

It was a showy and colorful act, in which hundreds of vallenatos also participated, who followed each of the demonstrations of the military forces

“Today, July 20, we are filled with emotion to see the flags of Colombia hoisted in the houses. To you Military Forces who seek Peace in the country, thank you!” Felipe Murgas said, during the Military Parade to commemorate Colombia’s Independence Day.

The event was attended by the municipal and departmental administrations, the Prosecutor’s Office, Civil Defense, the Red Cross, among other entities.

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During the parade, hundreds of children and adults filled the central streets of Valledupar to exalt their military forces. Dressed in the shirt of the Colombian team, others with the national colors and even characters alluding to Independence, the vallenatos attended the national meeting.

Among them was Luis Cárdenas Palacio, who, together with his two sons, watched with emotion as the members of the National Police and the Army passed by. “Every year I go to enjoy the parade in the company of my family, I do it out of love for the country and because many years ago I joined the police school.”

Oraida Basalo, who was on a walk in the capital, assured that she took the opportunity to witness the parade for the Independence of Colombia. “I am amazed to see the receptivity of the people, children and adults come and also pay homage with their costumes. These dates are important to inculcate among the new generations, ”she assured.

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