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Valledupar has an alternate movie theater to screen local productions

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Valledupar has an alternate movie theater to screen local productions

Nina Marín breathes cinema. She always knew that she was her thing, that’s why she studied Cinematography and Dramatic Art, professions that she has practiced, managing to sow and reap fruits throughout her career.

Nina Marín with Oscar Alvarado – Film producer, have designated a house, located on 9C street # 19C1-63 in the Amparo neighborhood of the city of Valledupar, which is a scene impregnated with magical realism, just like the creations of this vallenato filmmaker. While the large movie theaters in Valledupar show foreign films, in the alternate movie theater Marines Films, Colombian films are presented to the public every Saturday, achieving audience formation.

The adaptation of this room arises from the need to have a space dedicated to Colombian cinema in Valledupar and the reception has been so great that the different film distributors in the country that send films to be selected, through curatorship and screened in this room created for lovers of good national cinema.

“It has been a true feat to create this alternative movie theater in a city like Valledupar, but that is the idea, that people see Colombian films and know that films are being made in the country with a high level of production,” said Nina Marín. who highlights that the Marines Films Room is recognized by SIREC and the Ministry of Culture in such a way that the Room and the city of Valledupar are part of the theatrical or exhibition circuit route for Colombian films.

“Thanks to this Cinema, we will be able to have films that make their national premiere at the same time in the city or in less than a week, films that have no opportunity in commercial theaters.”

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In this room, which began activities on March 23, in addition to film screenings, scriptwriting, production and acting workshops for film and television are held. To date, six films have been screened, including “Sin Clemencia” by Mauro Mauad, “El Sancocho” by Jairo Estrada, “Soy De Aqui” by Janer Mena, “Al Ritmo Del Agua” by Juan Felipe Bernal, “ Wives” by Juan Rocha.

The billboard for this Saturday, April 13, are the films: “Sin Clemencia” which is screened for the fourth time, due to the acceptance of the Vallenato public and “Sisters” by Paola Ochoa which premieres nationally on April 11 and Valledupar It will be available two days after its premiere.

After having won recognition at the Moscow Film Festival and the Colombian Film Festival in New York, with her first feature film, Tierra Quebrá, a film that also won the 2023 Macondo Audience Award from the Colombian Film Academy, Nina Marín He continues making films from his Caribbean territory, projecting stories that are woven from this piece of Colombia.

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