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Valledupar schools waiting for surveillance, cleaning and school transportation services

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Valledupar schools waiting for surveillance, cleaning and school transportation services

More than 84,000 students from the 47 educational institutions in Valledupar started the school calendar on January 22. However, some services considered important for the comprehensive development of the educational community are still missing.

The PYLON spoke with Camilo Pinto, municipal Secretary of Education, who provided details by telephone about the cleaning, security and school transportation services, which have not yet been contracted, a situation that has generated questions in the Vallenata community about when they will be available, given that they are essential for the educational development of students.

According to the local education official, the hiring process for cleaning, security and school transportation personnel is underway to make them available to the city’s educational community. “These projects are being prioritized. The cleaning and surveillance process has already been opened in SECOP II, where the entire hiring process must be carried out as established by law. We are waiting for it to be finalized as soon as possible so that students have these services in their institutions“, indicated Pinto.

Likewise, he explained that, since these projects were not approved by the previous Valledupar Council, it was up to the new validity of the educational sector to initiate the structure of the project, prioritize it, present it to the Project Bank, and finally, to the Contracting Committee. .

The public bidding phase is now available so that companies interested in providing their service can apply within the times and terms established by the municipal entity.

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We are attentive to the last phase of contracting, these processes are currently in the General Secretariat and not in the Ministry of Education. I am in charge of supervising these contracts, but they are already in the sector, which is the delegate of contracting in the municipality, they are constantly monitored so that these services are affiliated with our system and fulfill the complementary role that they fulfill.“said the secretary.


The School Meal Plan (PAE) would be enabled from January 22, the date on which the students entered. “From the day the students returned to classes, the PAE was enabled in its three modalities: preparation on site, in institutions that have the conditions, hot food, already prepared, and neutralized food, which is what we know as snacks.”he claimed.

Adding also that the program covers the rural areas of the municipality where the greatest vulnerability is present, however, all students who are enrolled in one of the 47 official institutions of the city are guaranteed food rations in their three preparations and form of delivery. “There is no preference for the delivery of food, we try to ensure that the food rations reach the areas where they are required and the demand is, as stated in the contract.”, he noted.


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