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Vandalism and damage to the “Bronx”: the State Police denounce four minors

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Vandalism and damage to the “Bronx”: the State Police denounce four minors

PORDENONE. In recent weeks in Piazzetta del Portello, the usual meeting place for teenagers, there have been episodes of damage and disturbance of the peace by some groups of minors, used to find themselves in the “Bronx” of Pordenone where bottles and cans are often left of alcohol.

The police took a decisive repressive action when in some circumstances, acts of true hooliganism aimed at public safety were highlighted with stone throwing at the cars in transit in the parking lot below.

To enrich the information framework of these actions, there were also reports received from citizens who found an immediate response from the State Police: the agents of the Flying Squad and of the Flying Squads of the Pordenone Police Headquarters, thanks to targeted services carried out in a coordinated, they identified and referred to the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Juvenile Court of Trieste four minors identified as perpetrators of the stone throwing that took place on two evenings last month.

In light of the episodes, the women and men of the Pordenone Police Headquarters have intensified the control services in the area, so as to guarantee the safety of the residents of the neighborhood, passersby and workers of the adjacent offices so that Piazzetta del Portello can only be a place meeting place where the very young find themselves without engaging in violent acts among themselves and against third parties.

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