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vans and caravans on fire

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vans and caravans on fire

A huge fire broke out last night in the nomad camp of Sandrigo: the carabinieri are investigating the causes

Of Jacopo Romeo Published on 13 July 2023

It was around 9pm yesterday evening, Wednesday 12 Julywhen dozens of phone calls clog the lines of fire fighters of the station Sandrigo, in Veneto. A terrible fire had erupted in nomad camp of the city: the column of black smoke it was visible from miles away.

Sandrigo, vans and caravans on fire: the fire breaks out in the nomad camp

Vans, caravans and cars on fire: this is what i found fire fighters who arrived at nomad camp of Sandrigo from Bassano del Grappa and Vicenza, yesterday evening. The turn over it broke out around 21 and in a short time it spread to almost the entire camp, seriously endangering the lives of those who lived there. THE red helmets they intervened with two fire engines e two tankersand after a few hours of work, they circumscribed and put out the flames.

Carabinieri investigations: what’s behind the fire?

Meanwhile, the carabinieri who have begun to investigate the possible causes of the fire. At the moment no hypothesis is excluded, not even that of deceitbut the most probable lead leads to an unfortunate one domestic accident. Luckily, no people were injuredwhile the reclamation operations continued throughout the night.

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