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Vatican: now Becciu under investigation for criminal association. Check the recording of a phone call with the Pope

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Vatican: now Becciu under investigation for criminal association.  Check the recording of a phone call with the Pope

Bad business (one of many in the vein) in the Vatican. A telephone recording also appears, one of the two who speaks is the Pope. It is the new piece of the infinite investigation-process underway within the walls of the London building, where new threads are gradually opening up. The last one sees Cardinal Giovanni Angelo Becciu under investigation for criminal association, for a story that sees him involved, together with some family members, in his diocese of origin in Sardinia, Ozieri. And the phone call is between the cardinal and Francesco.

The 37th hearing of the London trial on new lines of investigation

This is a novelty that emerged during the 37th hearing of the trial when the promoter of justice Alessandro Diddi reported the content of a rogatory sent by the court of Sassari to the Vatican justice. The trial is on the sale of the property in London – the Vatican has lost almost a hundred million – but in the course of the investigations other events have emerged (donations to the diocese of Ozieri linked to the Becciu family and relations with Cecilia Marogna, who presented as the long arm of the Italian services) including the latest relating to an investigation carried out, at the Vatican’s request, by the financial police of Oristano.

The phone call in July 2021, on the eve of the start of the trial

Among the documents, preserved in the phone of the cardinal’s niece, emerged the recording of a phone call that Becciu had with the Pope on 24 July 2021, three days before the opening of the process and 20 days after the operation to which submitted Pope Francis. The audio was heard in the courtroom after the audience had been ushered out. From the chats between family members it emerges that, in view of the trial, Becciu hoped to be able to demonstrate that the Pope had not abandoned him. In the end, however, a phone call takes place, precisely on 24 July: not far from the cardinal’s home, in Piazza del Santo Uffizio, he is in the company of his niece and another person, and, as reported in the courtroom, Becciu tells Francesco that it is useless to go to trial because Francesco has already condemned him.

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Mons. Perlasca (former administrative director): it was others who decided, I obeyed Becciu

Prosecutor Diddi reported, concluding, that Becciu is now being investigated in the Vatican, along with others, for criminal association. Even if the cardinal’s defenders report that they have not been informed. The hearing then continued with the testimony of Monsignor Alberto Perlasca, former head of the administrative office of the Secretariat of State at the time the sale of the building in central London was decided. The prelate attributed the decisions to others: on the one hand, he underlined that economic and financial matters in the office were in the hands of Fabrizio Tirabassi, lay assistant of the Secretariat of State, and on the other he explained that he obeyed the orders of the Substitute in general affairs, first Becciu and then Edgar Pena Parra: «We have a school, when things aren’t told to you you don’t have to know, so I didn’t ask for anything», he said, for example, about payments.

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