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Vehicles and biometric captors delivered by the Police to Popayán – news

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Vehicles and biometric captors delivered by the Police to Popayán – news

It seeks to reinforce the Security Plan in different areas of the city.

The General Directorate of the Police delivered to the Municipality of Popayán two vehicles and forty-five biometric sensors – which allow the background of people to be validated with their fingerprint – to improve citizen security and provide peace of mind to the inhabitants of this capital.

These elements are of special importance, especially on the eve of Holy Week, when the city receives numerous tourists and parishioners.

At the official delivery ceremony, the mayor of Popayán, Juan Carlos Muñoz Bravo, stated: “We are making a very great effort to activate the entire security plan and continue reporting significant and important results that, if not for the successful coordination with Colonel Miguel Camelo, commander of the Metropolitan Police and his commanding staff, would not be possible.”

According to the local president, statistics indicate an improvement in security, reflected in the decrease in the main crimes in the city, such as theft, motorcycle theft, confiscation of weapons and narcotics, the result of numerous actions that have been carried out. , both in the rural and urban areas of the municipality, which today allows us to provide the community with a favorable report regarding operational results.

For his part, the commander of the Popayán Metropolitan Police, Colonel Miguel Camelo, said that they work together with the Attorney General’s Office, which makes it possible to carry out arrests and raids and strike important blows in relation to micro trafficking and crimes that are affecting the municipality.

In addition to this provision, an increase in force is planned for the Easter season, which will improve security at this time.

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