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Venezuela charged Haiti 500 million dollars and forgave 1.8 billion of its debt

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Venezuela receives 500 million dollars in payment from Haiti for fuel debt: statement

The Venezuelan dictatorship is looking for money even under the stones because a new economic blockade is coming that will prevent it from collecting overdue debts.

The desperation is such that a debt with Haiti of 2.3 billion dollars has been negotiated into only 500 million, achieving forgiveness for the remaining money.

Who else owes Venezuela?

The Government of Venezuela received a payment of $500 million from Haiti for the supply of fuel to the island as part of a regional cooperation agreement, said a statement released by the Minister of Communication and Information.

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Under the late President Hugo Chávez, Venezuela shipped millions of barrels of crude oil and fuel under flexible payment terms to its Caribbean neighbors, many of whom, including Haiti, later struggled to pay off their debts. President Nicolás Maduro has said that he wants to revive the pact.

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Bloomberg It earlier revealed Haiti’s payment, saying the total debt was $2.3 billion. He added that Venezuela would be in talks with other countries for similar payments.

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“All the rescued resources will be used to finance missions and large missions (social programs),” said the statement released on social networks.

Venezuela has not disclosed the outstanding debts of members of the Petrocaribe energy pact for more than a decade, nor has it said that any country other than its political ally Cuba is currently receiving oil supplies.

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