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Venezuelan government offers help to Uruguay for its water crisis

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Venezuelan government offers help to Uruguay for its water crisis

The Venezuelan government expressed its solidarity with Uruguay this Saturday in the face of the water crisis that this country is suffering due to a prolonged drought. In addition, he offered his support to alleviate the effects of this phenomenon.

“We take this opportunity to send our greetings of solidarity, our offer of humble, modest help, and all the support to the Uruguayan people who are going through an extreme situation of drought never seen before,” Nicholas said Maduroduring statements broadcast by the state channel Venezolana de Televisión (VTV).

Venezuelan government offers help to Uruguay for water crisis

The president expressed his concern about the climate crisis and its effects on the region. In addition, he warned that in Venezuela the heat indicators mark higher levels than what is common at this time, especially in areas such as Zulia (west) and the plains.

The Uruguayan government decreed on June 19 a water emergency for Montevideo and the metropolitan area. This after a prolonged drought that affected the main freshwater reserve that supplies that place.

This Wednesday, the Secretary of the Presidency, Álvaro Delgado, assured that, under the current conditions, the quality of the water “is not going to change.”

Meanwhile, the Uruguayan Institute of Meteorology announced this Friday that the rains of the last few days reached an accumulated average of 37.5 millimeters in the Santa Lucía Basin and 39.2 millimeters in Paso Severino.

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